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REHOA Spring 2023 Board Meeting

Tuesday April 18th 2023 Regatta Estates HOA board meeting at 7:00pm

Zoom meeting link to be available on Monday April 17th. Please email [email protected] ( [email protected] )for an invite to our spring meeting.

We will discuss activities planned for the year and update progress to date.

See you there!


February 2022 Board Meeting

Date: February 17, 2022

Location: via online Zoom

Members in attendance:

            -President attended

            -Treasurer attended

            -Secretary attended

            -Agricultural Committee attended

            -Bruce and Beverly Droppelman

            -Charles Lawrence

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Review & Approve Minutes: Need to have somebody motion and 2nd the motion

Review & Approve Agenda: Motion by Diane and need 2nd the motion

Member Forum:

                   Board addressed homeowner Charles who volunteered to help and be an active member of REHOA.


  • Treasurer:
  • President verified that the checking and savings match the treasurer’s report.
  • Received dues payment from 23 homeowners.
  • Payments made in January 2022 to lawyers, website, email and landscaping.
  • Landscaping Committee:
  • February expense of close to $1000 includes painted Regatta entry sign and replaced pegs due old/rotten post on Division1 and 4.  This includes labor as well as cleanup of leaves around Regatta and the cleaning of stairs in Division 4 which usually has full of moss (done 2x a year).  Next paint job is the Division 3 entry sign. 
  • Architectural Control Committee
  • Lot 3 requested fence replacement and was approved.  When done, Regatta will reimburse half of the total less their past due on HOA dues.
  • Arborist Committee:
  • The same guy who previously cut trees in the Picnic Point Road owned by Regatta came back in the late January and saying that he has authorization/approval from somewhere and again this is not true.  He was told to leave. 
  • Secretary
    • HOA dues mailed week of 1/17/2022
    • Need to respond to email ASAP and acknowledge receipt to making aware that request will be forwarded to person responsible and will respond appropriately.
    • Email to forward to appropriate Board and/or Committee who is responsible then send a follow-up text.

Old Business

  • Architectural Committee will work updating the fence policy
    • Remaining 7 diseased/dangerous/hazardous trees approved by Arborist will be cut next year (2023).
    • President still at works with BECU on updating the signers. 
    • Regatta website where the “contact us” needs to be fixed

New Business

  • Welcome letter to send to new homeowners.
    • Cleanup of common area in Regatta 2; proposed a major cleanup of junipers that were hanging or extending over the road.   
    • Frognal/Lennar lawsuits – Regatta filed a lawsuit against Lennar regarding the retaining wall constructed in Division 1 which were not in accordance to the one approved by the Hearing Examiner’s decision as well as the Snohomish County Planning and Development.  There might be an article in the Mukilteo Herald on it.  Lawsuit is still pending.
    • Winter weather proposal/ideas on roads inside Regatta – will review and look for possible solution(s)

Review of Action Items

  • Casey/Dave
    • Consolidate and rewrite fence policy
  • Dave       
    • Visit BECU to update/add signer
  • Diane/Nerissa
    • Work to send welcome letter

Next Meeting



            The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm


October 2021 Board Meeting

Date: October 28, 2021

Location: Virtual Meeting, held online via Zoom

Time: 6:30 p.m.

The REHOA board president opened the Zoom meeting room at 6:25 p.m. and members signed in. The president called the meeting to order and shared his screen containing the meeting agenda. The minutes from the June meeting had been previously distributed by the Treasurer. The minutes were reviewed. No changes were deemed necessary, and they were accepted as written.

Homeowner ForumSix homeowners attended the meeting.  They expressed concern on Frognal constructions and activities.  The president introduced the other new board/committee members and gave a brief description of the duties of each, as well as the issues confronting the HOA. He also extended an invitation to the members to join the board in whatever role in which they would feel comfortable.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer had sent all board members copies of the September Treasurer’s Report, the corresponding bank statement, the 2021 Budget Comparison, and scan copies of the check book and savings book register. The president confirmed that the amounts shown in the registers coincided with the amounts shown on the Treasurer’s report. The Treasurer indicates on the 2021 Budget Comparison, the number of homeowners in the HOA, and the number of dues payments received. Friendly reminder notices had been sent to these homeowners.
  2. Landscaping Report – Committee Reported that the HOA landscaper mowed the common area grass areas in June, including the area above the detention pond. Landscaper also cleaned the stairs in Division 4.
  3. Architectural Control Committee Report – The requested for exterior paints and roof/sidings replacements by several homeowners were finished and done.  Reiterated the need for homeowners to have their neighbors sign the document needed (found in the website or given a copy) for any exterior painting, roof or siding replacements in order to be aware on the timing, activity and people coming in and out of the area. 
  4. Arborist Committee Report – There were several trees cut down/removed in the of Summer 2021 owned by Regatta that were stated in the NW Arborist study as deemed hazardous.
  5. Secretary’s Report – Helped prepared postcards and set up board meetings.  Sent requested bylaws to realtor regarding on sale for Lot42.  Realtor then found out in the web and pull this information.

Website – The website administrator updated the front page of the site.  It now has the Annual HOA meeting notice, information on the tree thieves and the request for HOA contact information updates.  Also, requesting ideas on the possible new format and information to include on the site. 

Action Items

  1. President will work on contacting Lennar developer for parking issues in Division 4.
  2. President will contact Bill L for information on the areas that were being planned for the Frognal development and retention pond.
  3. Agricultural Committee will work to consolidate the fence policy per the 2019 updates to the ACC documents.
  4. Treasurer will continue to work on updating banking information.

Next Meeting: Mid November to discuss 2022 Budget

Meeting Adjourned: 8:41P.M.


June 2021 Board Meeting

Date: June 17, 2021

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 6:30 p.m.

The REHOA board president opened the Zoom meeting room at 6:25 p.m. and members signed in. Two devoted residents interrupted their Hawaiian vacation to attend. The president called the meeting to order, and shared his screen containing the meeting agenda. The minutes from the April meeting had been previously distributed by the acting secretary. The minutes were reviewed. No changes were deemed necessary, and they were accepted as written.

Homeowner Forum: The two homeowners who took time from their Hawaiian vacation to attend mentioned that they have been trying to find time to get involved and hope to do so in the future. The president introduced the other board members and gave a brief description of the duties of each, as well as the issues confronting the HOA. He also extended an invitation to the members to join the board is whatever role in which they would feel conformable.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer had sent all board members copies of the June Treasurer’s Report, the May 31 bank statement, the 2021 Budget Comparison, and scans of the check book and savings book register. The vice-president confirmed that the amounts shown in the registers coincided with the amounts shown on the Treasurer’s report. The Treasurer shared his screen with the 2021 Budget Comparison and highlighted some of the numbers, including the number of homeowners in the HOA, and the number of dues payments received. Friendly reminder notices had been sent to all of these homeowners. The treasurer also confirmed that our current revenue was adequate to cover all the expenses that we should see for the remainder of 2021.
  2. Landscaping Report – Committee Reported that the HOA landscaper is dues to mow the common area grass areas in June, including the area above the detention pond. Landscaper also cleaned the stairs in Divison 4.
  3. Architectural Control Committee Report – Committee has received two painting and one re-roofing requests from homeonwers in April and May.
  4. Arborist Committee Report – Committee commented about the WH/NGPA areas that is included in the legal description for each lot in our association. Each of the homeowners has an “undivided interest” in these tracts and is legally liable for their care and maintenance, including the removal of trees that may be deemed hazardous. A certified arborist had reviewed the areas in October of 2020, and the licensed tree service has removed trees that were deemed hazardous and within sticking distance of a high value target. Committee is also going to contact the PUD concerning two dead trees on Tract 997 that could not be removed by the tree service.
  5. Secretary’s Report – Acting secretary reported that several homeowners have decided that now was the time to pain their homes and she has been busy forwarding ACC requests. She also expressed some disappointment since she had been contacted by several homeowners who expressed a desire to be included in the meeting. However, only a couple of homeowners actually were able to attend.

Old Business

  1. Banking – In order to prevent any single individual from have access to the HOA funds, the association has always wanted to have dual control on the accounts, i.e. one person (the treasurer) holds the checkbook and creates the checks, but it requires a second person (an authorized signer) to actually sign the check. The HOA is attempting to update the signer’s list. However, our bank has insisted that all parties involved (including those who no longer live in the area) are required to supply all their personal information before any changes can be make. Since some of the former signers are now living overseas, that is not practical. Two options are open: 1. Close the current accounts and re-open them at the same bank. 2. Close the current accounts and re-open them at a new bank. We have enough checks to last through the end of the year, but the board is plamning to do one of these two options during the slack period in the fourth quarter of this year.
  2. Audit – Our tax person, Ann F., had said that she would be available to perform the audit in August. The HOA treasurer plans to print out the necessary documents to perform an audit on 2019 and 2020, and schedule an appointment with her. The treasurer also pointed out that we are required to supply hard copies (paper) of all documents since the tax service will not upload any electronic documents into their system, for fear of contracting a computer virus.
  3. Architectural Control Documents – Committee is re-writing documents with the changes that were approved in 2019. Two of the homeowners asked that an explanation be included that specifies who is responsible for the payment on fence replacement, especially for fences between two neighboring members. A new category has been added to the website that will allow for the updated documents to be published to the site.
  4. Travel Trailer – The CC&Rs prohibit RV’s, travel trailers, trailers of any sort in the view of any homeowners. The homeowners insists that since he has put a cover over the trailer, it is no longer in view. The board disagrees and is going to check with the HOA attorney to see if the homeowner is in violation of any county laws.

New Business

  1. Letter from Surface Water Management – A letter was sent to all homeowners in April that outlined work to be performed by Snohomish County on the detention pond and drainage system. A concern was raised asking if the surface water from the new development was going to be directed into the existing Regatta Estates system. During the peak rain season, the detention pond has been filled to over-flowing. It may not be adequate to accept any additions flow. It was suggested that we contact Bill L. for clarification.
  2. Letter from Sno County to B. Lider – The letter referenced Tract 995 and Tract 996 as being areas that may be used by the new development. A board member expressed some concern that they may be building on REHOA property, and that we may be left to take care of any residual issues. Or are there two tracts with the same numbers. Again, it was suggested that we contact Bill L for more information.
  3. Parking on front lawn– Homeowner complained about a neighbor who is parking several vehicles in the street, and has taken to parking a car on their front lawn. Homeowners also complained about the resident of this home re-selling used plastic play equipment from the home. Homeowners also reported that people (who have been buying the equipment) tend to block the street and become aggressive when they are asked to move. President explained that the board had sent letters to this homeowner in the past but with little results. President also expressed frustration with the apparent disregard that this homeowner has shown for his neighbors. Neighbors have also mentioned that the owner may no longer be in residence at that location. If that is the case, it may be difficult to contact the owners since this is the only address that we have for them.
  4. Fireworks – Two homeowners reported that their homes were damaged last year when neighbors lit off fireworks on the 4th of July. The parties responsible for the damage did not offer to pay for the repairs. Board members attempted to research the current laws regarding fireworks in un-incorporated Snohomish County. Initial information indicated that fireworks may have been banned in our area starting in January of 2021. Board members agreed to look further into this. However, the board also agreed that the HOA does not have the authority to enforce the county laws. Online information included a special “non-emergency” phone number for reporting violations. The board president and vice-president agreed that posting this number would be helpful.

Action Items

  1. Vice President will contact Bill L for information on the areas that are being planned for the retention pond and as a recreation area.
  2. Treasurer will add information on the Fireworks Ban, including the non-emergency phone number, to the website.
  3. President will work to consolidate the fence policy per the 2019 updates to the ACC documents.
  4. Treasurer will contact the lawyer regarding the homeowners with excessive number of vehicles, and the home with the trailer parked in the front yard.
  5. Treasurer will continue work on updating banking.
  6. Treasurer will prepare documents for audit.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 19, 2021, set to start at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:26 P.M.


April 2021 Board Meeting

Date: April 15, 2021

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 6:32 p.m.

The REHOA board president opened the Zoom meeting room and members signed in. One member experienced a slight technical issue signing into Zoom. This resulted in a slight delay. The board president called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. The minutes from the February meeting had been sent out by the board vice-president. No changes were needed and the minutes were accepted as written. The president had sent out the agenda for tonight’s meeting. No changes were requested and the agenda was also accepted as written.

Homeowner Forum: One homeowner expressed some concern about the maintenance of properties. They mentioned that lawns were growing out onto the sidewalks, and that ornamental trees were not being trimmed. A second homeowner commented about a large pile of cut trees that one homeowner had in their front yards. Both asked if the CC&Rs required homeowners to take responsibility for maintaining their properties.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer distributed copies of the April 15. 2021 Treasurer’s report, the March 31, 2021 bank statement, the 2021 Budget Comparison, and scans of the REHOA check book and savings book registers. The vice-president confirmed that the adjusted checking and savings account amounts in the treasurer’s report coincided with the amounts in the registers. The treasurer also distributed copies of the report on dues paid each month over the past decade. He pointed out the responses to the 2021 dues notice was running ahead of the number of responses in previous years. Treasurer asked if the board wished to authorize a “reminder letter” to be sent in May. The president suggested that we re-visit this in May via email and decide at that time.
  2. Landscaping Report – The HOA landscaper has started mowing the common areas. In addition, he is going to start mowing tract 993 every other month. The landscaper also commented that someone had chopped up several limbs and left a pile of wood on the grass planting strip near the entrance to Division 1. The landscape committee expressed frustration in that they are unable to get across to the homeowners that this is actually costing the HOA to pick it up, and it looks unsightly for weeks. One board member also asked that the landscaper be reminded to trim the lawn and the bottom of the stairs in Division 4
  3. Architectural Control Committee – The committee has only received one request over the past two months. This was for a roof replacement on Lot 10 in Division 1.
  4. Arborist Committee Report – Committee had received a request from Lot 10 in Divison 1 to remove some trees that had dropped limbs damaging their roof. A member of Arborist Committee met with the homeowner and obtained the name of the Lead Permit Technician at Snohomish County PDS who had given the homeowner the go-ahead to remove the trees. The committee emailed this permit manager with the most recent arborist report. However, to date, the committee has received no response to our email. After waiting for a month, the committee phoned the permit manager. and were told (verbally) that they (the PDS) does not give written permission. The committee is concerned the county code requires permission, and states that the county reserves the right to issue fines per tree and per occurrence. The committee would like something in writing, even something saying that the county does not issue written permission and that the arborist report is justification for removing hazardous tree. The committee requested permission to have the HOA attorney inquire on our behalf. This was approved by unanimous vote of the board.
  5. Secretary’s Report – The acting secretary reported that all the the emails from the Sno-King Watershed group to AWWD has been transferred into a separate folder in our email account. One board member suggested that, even though the development property appears to have been sold, we will want to hold onto the emails for legal reasons.

Old Business

  1. Signers for the HOA account – The HOA is having difficulty updating the signer’s list on the HOA accounts at our bank. Over the years, signers have moved away and/or sold their homes. The treasurer has been told what information the bank needed, and proceeded to obtain that info from the signers. However, when he met with the accounts person, he is told that he does not have all the info, and that additional info is required, or different form need to be completed. The bank requires all the info from the former signers, even those who are no longer in the county. There is a security issue with trying to transmit all the personal information via the internet from an overseas country. The options are to close all the accounts and then reopen them at the same bank, or close the accounts and open new accounts at a new bank. While the latter option sounds most appealing, the new banks have fees for monthly statements whereas the existing bank does not. The treasurer is going to continue to investigate this, but will use the current bank for the time being.

New Business

  1. Trailer parked in front yard – A homeowner in Division 5 has parked a large trailer in his front yard for over a month. This is in direct violation of the CC&Rs. Board voted unanimously that the homeowner should be sent a letter listing the violation, quoting the CC&Rs, and telling the homeowner that he must move the trailer to an offsite location.
  2. Homeowner with cut trees in his front year – A homeowner in Divison 2 has cut down a couple of dozen trees and left them in his front yard. The CC&Rs state that “construction debris” must be removed within 6 months. The board also voted that this homeowner be sent a letter, explaining why they are in violation, and instructing the homeowner to clean up the debris.
  3. Poop in the common areas – Homeowners have complained about the number of dog owners who are not picking up after their canine pets. Board members are looking into the availability and costs of posting signs asking owners to “scoop the poop.”
  4. 2020 Federal Taxes – The treasurer met with our representative at H&R Advisors, completed the 2020 Federal taxes and these have been submitted before the April 15 deadline. The May 17 deadline was only for individual homeowners, not for coporations (and we are a corporations.
  5. 2021 Audit – The treasurer also discussed having our tax accountant perform a review on our accounts for 2019 and 2020. The last audit was performed in 2019. The board voted to forego the audit last year.

Action Items

  1. The Arborist Committee will continue to work with the county to obtain permission to remove the hazardous trees. With the Boards approval, they will check with the HOA attorney and see if he can assist.
  2. The treasurer will continue to investigate the best option for updating the signature list on the HOA accounts.
  3. The treasurer will assemble the necessary documentation for performing an audit on our accounts for 2019 and 2020.
  4. Scoop signs – board members will continue to research the available signs and posts.
  5. Board members will continue to work on updating the Architectural Controls.
  6. The secretary will compose a letter instructing the homeowner to move his trailer.
  7. The president will investigate the tree trunks that are littering the one home.

Next meeting: Thursday, June 17th, also at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.


February 2021 Board Meeting

Date: February 4, 2021 Location: Online via Zoom Time: 6:30 p.m.

Board members signed in early and there was a short period to exchange greetings and to catch up. The meeting was called to order by the Board President at 6:30 p.m.

Homeowner Forum: No homeowner asked to speak.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer had emailed all board members copies of the February treasurer’s report, the latest bank statement, and the 2021 budget comparison report. The vice president also received scans of the check book register and the savings book register, and she was able to confirm that the report coincided with the amounts shown on the registers. The treasurer also listed the total dues payments for 2020, and showed a report on how the year compared to previous years.
  2. Landscaping Committee: No current projects at this time. The landscape committee expects mowing and entryway cleanup to resume in April.
  3. Architectural Control Committee: While most projects are awaiting warmer weather, the committee has received two applications for roof replacement. Both were approved. The committee recommends that homeowners continue to follow the normal application procedure. This is a great way to inform your neighbors of your projects, and gives them advance notice of the possibility of additional vehicles on the streets.
  4. Arborist Committee: The committee re-sent the application for removal of hazardous trees to Snohomish County PDS. While the committee requested a confirmation that the county had received the request, there has been no response. The committee will resend.
  5. Secretary: The secretary had received request from a company working for Alderwood Water and Wastewater. They wanted to inspect the sewer lines running though HOA common areas. The secretary contacted Bill Lider (Sno-King Watershed Council) and then emailed the company with the HOA approval of their request. The secretary also sent letters to homeowners who were likely to see the inspectors on the adjoining tracts.

Old Business

  1. 2021 REHOA Dues Mailing – Treasurer reported that he had updated the account ledgers and mailing labels. While most homeowners received the standard renewal letters, special letters were sent to homeonwers who remain delinquent in their dues. Special letters were also sent to homeowners who had re-paid their 2021 dues, a homeowner who had paid too much in 2020. three homes that were sold and had the 2021 dues covered during escrow, and new homowners who were receiving their first REHOA dues notice. The letters were placed in the mail on January 21st and were delivered on January 23rd. Thirteen 2021 dues payments have been received.
  2. Bank Signers – The treasurer reported that they had been in contact with the HOA bank, and received recommendations on the forms that needed to be completed, and information on how to schedule a meeting the bank. While most forms have been completed, the treasurer needs one additional signature. Arrangements were made to complete that form.
  3. REHOA Attorney – The board contacted the HOA attorney on how to respond to two questions from real estate and finance companies. After reviewing the RCWs and the REHOA Declarations, the attorney advised the HOA on how to respond to these questions in the future.

New Business

  1. Scoop signs – While most pet owners do clean up after their pets, the board has received complaints that a few are not. Feces is being left on the sidewalks and common areas, as well as the grass and flower beds of private homes. The landscaper has also commented about the excessive amounts of feces on the mowed areas along Picnic Point Rd. The board agreed to look into placing reminder signs.
  2. Yard and sidewalk maintenance – A few homes are not taking card of their grass and trees. It was suggested that a reminder letter be sent, including information on liability issues for homeowners who fail to maintain their properties.
  3. New member meeting – It was proposed that an introductory meeting be held specificall for new members.

Review of Action Items

  1. Arborist Committee will continue to work to obtain approval from the county.
  2. A board member will research info on obtaining and placing signage requesting that dog owners pick up after their animals.
  3. The secretary will research information on availability and costs for a new member meeting
  4. A board member will update the REHOA website with meeting information.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 15th. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m., and will be online.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.


December 2020 Board Meeting

The December 2020 meeting of the Board of Directors of Regatta Estates was held online. While the meeting was scheduled for 6:30, there was a slight delay due to a technical issue with the meeting audio, The meeting was called to order by the board president at 6:38 p.m.

Homeowner Forum: Since no homeowners chose to speak, there was no Homeowner Forum at this meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s report: The treasurer had email all board members copies of the December treasurer’s report, a copy of the November 30, 2020 bank statement, and a copy of the budget comparison report. The treasurer had also emailed the board vice-president a scan of the current page of the checking account register and the current page of the savings account register. She confirmed that the amounts listed on the registers corresponded to the amounts listed on the report as the adjusted statement balance. As we approach the end of the year, the treasurer confirmed that we came in under budget, and, as of December 17, the association had received the same number of dues payments as we had for all of 2019.
  2. Landscaping Committee: Committee reported that the mowing of common areas has ended for 2020. Mowing is expected to resume in April of 2021. Entryway cleanup continued in November and December. Committee pleased with the current landscaping company, and would like to continue with them in the next year.
  3. Architectural Control Committee: Committee has not received any new applications in the past three months. The committee expects this to remain slow until spring.
  4. Arborist Committee: Committee had a certified arborist perform an inspection of all six of the common areas owned by the HOA. The arborist found 60 trees that he deemed hazardous. The HOA submitted the report to Snohomish County via their online application, and requested that the county confirm receipt of the application. To date, the county has not confirmed that they received the documents, nor have they contacted the committee with a time for a review of the arborist’s report.

Old Business

  1. Reminder letters: The annual HOA dues are normally to be paid by April 30th. In May or June, reminder letters are sent to those who failed to make the deadline. However, due to the unique situation that we are in this year, the board agreed to accept the January amounts through the end of the year. Reminder letters were sent to homeowners reminding them that, if they did not take advantage of this offer, the late fees and interest would be applied to the amounts, starting with the original April 30, 2020 date.
  2. Website: The webmaster announced that they were able to include a new category this year for the Architectural Controls. While not the original format, it does allow the revisions to the Architectural Controls to be published and made available to all of the homeowner. The webmaster also added directions for resetting the site should issues occur with the roll-out of the updates issued by the hosting company.
  3. Taxes: The treasurer has been monitoring the interest and has determined that this should not be an issue when calculating the 2020 federal taxes for the HOA.

New Business

  1. Refi and home sales inquiries: The board has received a large number of inquiries from escrow companies who are assisting homeowners go through the refinance process. While most companies are quite helpful, one escrow company demanded that we confirm limits on thier liability. There is nothing in our CC&Rs nor could we find anything in the RCWs on homeowner associations that mention any such limitation. The board was also harassed by a realter who insisted that the HOA create a special documents for his client. While he would not submit any samples of what he was looking for, he continued to insist that the board supply his client with these documents. Note: The board routinely completes “demand statements” that outline the homeowner status with the HOA, and any financial issues that a new homeowner should know. The board agreed that we may need to obtain an opingion from the hoa attorney.
  2. Roll-over of some 2020 dues: In compliance with the Internal Revenue Ruling 70-604, the treasurer proposed that any surplus funds from 2020 be rolled-over and applied against the expenses of 2021. The members unanimously approved the proposal.
  3. Budget: The treasurer presented the 2021 budget worksheet which included the expenses from the past four years. The members discussed each line item in the budget and reviewed the requirements for 2021. The members votged to accept the final draft of the 2021 budget, and the 2020 roll-over funds were applied. The 2021 REHOA dues will be $350.00, and the due date will be April 30, 2021.
  4. Pre-approval of Standard Expenses: REHOA bylaws require b oard approval for all expenses. In order to streamline the expense process, the treasurer proposed that the board pre-approve some common expenses, including the monthly landscaping expenses, fees for stairway and detention pond maintenance, 2020 federal tax preparation fee. website fees, the HOA insurance payments, state incorporation fee, mail box rental fee, and office expenses. The motion was passed unanimously.
  5. Proposal to update the REHOA signers: In order to maintain a form of dual control on all checks, the treasurer is not allowed to sign any checks. Other members of the board are registered with the bank as signers. The treasurer proposed the the association update the list of signers by removing former signers who are no longer on the board, and adding the board president as an alternative signer. Motions was approved unanimously by the members.

Action Items

  1. The treasurer will send out the 2021 dues letters
  2. The arborist committee wil contact Snohomish County again regarding the committee request to remove trees deemed hazardous in the 2020 arborist report.
  3. The list of signers on HOA accounts will be updated.
  4. A board member will contact the REHOA attorner for clarification on questions posed by excrow and real estate representatives.

Next meeting: February 4, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., online via Zoom.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


October 2020 Board Meeting

Date: October 1, 2020

Place: Virtual Meeting, held online via Zoom

The Board president called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. There were no homowners president, thus there was no homeowner forum.


Vice-president’s Report: At the July meeting, homeowner’s expressed concerns about raised sections of the sidewalk on 133rd St. S.W. The vice-president contacted Snohomish County and requested that the sidewalk be repaired. The county said that they would add this project to their list of repair jobs. Unfortunately, due to budget restraints and the number of other repair projects that have already been requested, it may be some time before permanent repairs can be made. However, the county did come out and ground down the raised areas on several of the sidewalk. Note: The last time the HOA requested a repair on a sidewalk, it was approximately four years until the job was completed.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer distributed copies of the August, September, and October treasurer’s reports, the corresponding bank statements, and up-to-date budget comparison report. The board looked at the dues payments and compared it to past years. While payments were dues on April 30, the board voted to send a reminder notice to delindquent homeowners. In light of the covid-19 situation, the board also agreed to accept payments through the end of the year. However, any homeowner who does not submit their dues will be assessed the late fee of $25.00 and interest starting at the original due date.

Landscape Committee: The landscaper has been mowing the common areas twice a month during the growing season. This will be cut back to once a month as we approach winter, and will be shut down entirely in the December through February months. The landscaper will continue to maintain the entryways.

Arborist Committee: In October and November of 2019, the committee requested permission from Snohomish County to remove some dead trees on Tract 994 (between Division 1 and Division 4). If these trees fall, they can reach home, pedestrians, car traffic, and the main power lines to our area. However, the county has not responded to any of our requests. Furthermore, they do not even confirm that they have received our requests. The committee has since submitted an online request to Adam Jackson for a site visit. He responded that we would need to submit another arborist report to Snohomish County PDS. Using the list on the Snohomish County website, the committee has contacted a local arborist for a new study.

Website: The website administrator was able to create a new “category” and placed it on the home page header. However, it is not as user-friendly as the original document file. Administrator asked board members to examine the new section and offer their suggestions.

Tract 992: The HOA landscaper reported that survey flags had been placed on Tract 992. This is the area below Division 1 over which the developer of the new housing division wants to run sewer lines. In order to protect the association homeowners, it is suggested that the association have a wetlands expert perform a Wetlands Verification on this tract. Once obtained, this will be presented to Alderwood Water and Wastewater for review before granting permission to developer.

Action Items:

  1. Secretary has contacted the county regarding the damaged sidewalks, and will continue to work with homeowners regarding the removal of trees that are causing issues.
  2. Landscape committee had HOA landscaper perform some maintenance on Tract 993. Landscaper will continue to maintain
  3. Arborist committee will be submitting new arborist report to County.
  4. Arborist committee will work with Touchstone Ecoservices to perform a Wetlands Verification on Tract 992.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held online on December 10 or 17. The date will be confirmed later and posted to the HOA website.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


July 2020 Board Meeting

Date: July 9, 2020

Place: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, meeting was held online via Zoom

The Board President called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. One homeowner mentioned the raised sections of the sidewalk on 133rd St SW due to tree roots. The board secretary commented that it took the county over four years before they repaired a previous damage sidewalk. Before that repair could be completed, the owner of the trees had to remove the trees to prevent further damage. The board secretary is going to contact the county, and encouraged homeowners to also call.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer distributed copies of the July Treasurer’s report, the June 30 bank statement, and the budget comparison report. Board members discussed the current status of the plan of action that had been adopted at the beginning of the year. Most line items were on or below budget. A few items, such as the website, seemed to have exceeded their yearly budget. The webmaster explained that the expenses shown were actually for three years. The Board also reviewed payments for 2020 and discussed late notices and possible extensions.

Landscape Committee Report: In a cost savings mode, the committee refrained from most landscape activity during the winter months. The HOA landscaper began mowing the common areas in April, and is expected to continue this through the fall. The committee is also scheduling a cleanup of the detention pond across from Division 1, and the stairs up to the school in Division 4.

Arborist Committee Report: The committee has obtained a bid for the removal of dead trees on Tract 994. However, these trees are on a steep slope. In addition, the condition of the tree trunks may not allow an arborist to climb these trees. They may be required to bring in a bucket truck to facilitate cutting. As always, the committee is still awaiting approval from Snohomish County. Regarding another group of trees, the committee was contacted by Snohomish County PUD who requested permission to cut trees along Picnic Point Rd that might impact the power lines. The committee agreed to this request. It is hoped that this can be concluded before the winter storm season.

Website: Over the past year, the webmaster has been unable to edit the items in the Documents section of the site. In particular, the Architectural Control Committee wished to update their documents to eliminate several statements that are ambiguous or poorly worded. After several attempts, the webmaster was able to add a new category to the main page header (ACC Docs). The next steps will be to update the ACC documents and post them to this new section. At this time, it is suggested that the remaining documents be left in the Documents category since they are easier to read in the old format.

Board members: Recent complaints from Division 1 (about a boat in a driveway) and complaints concerning a homeowner selling children’s plastic toys (forts, doll houses, etc) has prompted some board members to suggest that each cul-de-sac have a representative on the board. It was agreed that additional eyes would allow the board to keep informed about the conditions in each area.

Review of Action Items:

Secretary will contact Snohomish County regarding damaged sidewalks.

Secretary will contact homeowners whose trees are infringing on the sidewalk.

Landscape committee to contact HOA landscaper regarding maintenance to Tract 993.

Arborist committee to contact arborist for full report on all HOA common areas.

Arborist committee to contact Snohomish County to obtain permission to remove hazardous trees.

Webmaster to continue to update ACC documents.

Next Meeting: Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 10th. This meeting will also be online.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


May 2020 Board Meeting

Date: May 7, 2020

Location: Online (via Zoom)

The meeting was called to order by the board president at 7:00 p.m. The president then shared his screen displaying the meeting agenda. The agenda was reviewed and approved by the members. The minutes from the January budget meeting had been sent out by the board vice-president. These were also reviewed and approved as written.

Member Forum: No homeowners asked to speak.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer distributed copies of the May treasurers report, the April, 2020 bank statement, and the budget comparison. The president and vice president confirmed that the balances in the report were the same as those posted on the registers. The treasurer pointed reported that the 2020 dues letters had gone out on January 20th, and that payments have already been received from a majority of the homeowners. This number is consistent with the total number HOA had received by this time in previous years. This number includes a payment in full (including late fees and interest) from a homeowner who owed for a previous year. The board recognizes that some homeowners are facing tough times due to the pandemic, and discussed changes to the late fees and interest on the 2020 REHOA dues. The board will research what options are available to them based on the REHOA CC&Rs and Bylaws. In light of the statewide shutdown of businesses, it was agreed that it will be hard to find businesses to perform some of the repairs and maintenance for the HOA. As a result, we may not be able to complete all tasks this year, and some may need to be rolled over to 2021. The treasurer shared scans of the check register and the savings book register, and the board confirmed that the balances were the same as the adjusted balance from the May Treasurer’s report.
  2. Landscaping Committee– The HOA landscaper has started mowing the HOA common areas, and has performed an initial cleanup of the entryways and of the stairs in Division 4. The committee is going to direct the landscaper to cut back the blackberries in the common areas and along Picnic Point Rd. The landscaper also applied Caseron to impair the spread of weeds in the common areas. The committee is also going to have the detention pond area cleaned up.
  3. Architectural Control Committee – One homeowner applied for permission to paint their home. A second homeowner asked for information on the replacement of their fence bordering Picnic Point Rd. Many projects are being held up due to the shutdown. The ACC expects additional requests once the stay-in-place orders are relaxed.
  4. Arborists Committee – Committee is still attempting to obtain permission from the county to remove the dead trees on Tract 994 (between Division 1 and Division 4). The committee expressed some concern about the lack of response from the county. Normally, they would expect at least an acknowledgment from the county that they had received our request. However, the county has fail to even respond. On a separate tree issue, two board members met with Korien Cook of the PUD to assess the HOA trees that could impact the power lines running down Picnic Point Rd. Ms. Cook marked several trees and will request permission for the PUD Line Clearance team to remove these. No timetable on when this might occur.
  5. Secretary Report – noting new to report at this time

New Business

  1. 2019 Federal Taxes – Board members met with our representative at Block Advisors on February 11 and file the tax report for last year. The HOA does not owe any additional taxes for 2019. Treasurer will confirm that taxes can be paid directly from the HOA accounts.
  2. 2020 Audit – Last year, the REHOA completed an audit of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. The board elected to cover the four years since previous boards had elected to postpone the audit for several years. The 2020 audit will cover the finances for 2019. Our auditor has suggest that this be done in July. However, this suggestion was made before the shutdown. This date may need to be adjusted due to the changes in the due date for federal taxes.
  3. REHOA Website – Webmaster contacted Go Daddy and renewed the .com domain, our private domain registration, and the website (all for three years.) In addition, our email service is now being directed through Outlook. No changes is the website at this time. Webmaster is looking to either modify the site or go to a new platform However, the initial cost estimate to have someone create a new website is expensive. The board will continue to examine options here.

Action Items

  1. Treasurer will meet with one of the signers (for the HOA accounts) to adjust the amounts in savings. However, this will have to wait until the bank reopens.
  2. Treasurer will also contact our tax accountant regarding payments on future taxes.
  3. President will try to visit BECU to complete paperwork to get him added as a signer.
  4. All board members will continue to work on consolidation and rewriting the fence policy.

Next Meeting

  1. Planned as a Zoom meeting for July 9, 2020.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.