July 2020 Board Meeting

Date: July 9, 2020

Place: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, meeting was held online via Zoom

The Board President called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. One homeowner mentioned the raised sections of the sidewalk on 133rd St SW due to tree roots. The board secretary commented that it took the county over four years before they repaired a previous damage sidewalk. Before that repair could be completed, the owner of the trees had to remove the trees to prevent further damage. The board secretary is going to contact the county, and encouraged homeowners to also call.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer distributed copies of the July Treasurer’s report, the June 30 bank statement, and the budget comparison report. Board members discussed the current status of the plan of action that had been adopted at the beginning of the year. Most line items were on or below budget. A few items, such as the website, seemed to have exceeded their yearly budget. The webmaster explained that the expenses shown were actually for three years. The Board also reviewed payments for 2020 and discussed late notices and possible extensions.

Landscape Committee Report: In a cost savings mode, the committee refrained from most landscape activity during the winter months. The HOA landscaper began mowing the common areas in April, and is expected to continue this through the fall. The committee is also scheduling a cleanup of the detention pond across from Division 1, and the stairs up to the school in Division 4.

Arborist Committee Report: The committee has obtained a bid for the removal of dead trees on Tract 994. However, these trees are on a steep slope. In addition, the condition of the tree trunks may not allow an arborist to climb these trees. They may be required to bring in a bucket truck to facilitate cutting. As always, the committee is still awaiting approval from Snohomish County. Regarding another group of trees, the committee was contacted by Snohomish County PUD who requested permission to cut trees along Picnic Point Rd that might impact the power lines. The committee agreed to this request. It is hoped that this can be concluded before the winter storm season.

Website: Over the past year, the webmaster has been unable to edit the items in the Documents section of the site. In particular, the Architectural Control Committee wished to update their documents to eliminate several statements that are ambiguous or poorly worded. After several attempts, the webmaster was able to add a new category to the main page header (ACC Docs). The next steps will be to update the ACC documents and post them to this new section. At this time, it is suggested that the remaining documents be left in the Documents category since they are easier to read in the old format.

Board members: Recent complaints from Division 1 (about a boat in a driveway) and complaints concerning a homeowner selling children’s plastic toys (forts, doll houses, etc) has prompted some board members to suggest that each cul-de-sac have a representative on the board. It was agreed that additional eyes would allow the board to keep informed about the conditions in each area.

Review of Action Items:

Secretary will contact Snohomish County regarding damaged sidewalks.

Secretary will contact homeowners whose trees are infringing on the sidewalk.

Landscape committee to contact HOA landscaper regarding maintenance to Tract 993.

Arborist committee to contact arborist for full report on all HOA common areas.

Arborist committee to contact Snohomish County to obtain permission to remove hazardous trees.

Webmaster to continue to update ACC documents.

Next Meeting: Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 10th. This meeting will also be online.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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