October 2021 Board Meeting

Date: October 28, 2021

Location: Virtual Meeting, held online via Zoom

Time: 6:30 p.m.

The REHOA board president opened the Zoom meeting room at 6:25 p.m. and members signed in. The president called the meeting to order and shared his screen containing the meeting agenda. The minutes from the June meeting had been previously distributed by the Treasurer. The minutes were reviewed. No changes were deemed necessary, and they were accepted as written.

Homeowner ForumSix homeowners attended the meeting.  They expressed concern on Frognal constructions and activities.  The president introduced the other new board/committee members and gave a brief description of the duties of each, as well as the issues confronting the HOA. He also extended an invitation to the members to join the board in whatever role in which they would feel comfortable.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer had sent all board members copies of the September Treasurer’s Report, the corresponding bank statement, the 2021 Budget Comparison, and scan copies of the check book and savings book register. The president confirmed that the amounts shown in the registers coincided with the amounts shown on the Treasurer’s report. The Treasurer indicates on the 2021 Budget Comparison, the number of homeowners in the HOA, and the number of dues payments received. Friendly reminder notices had been sent to these homeowners.
  2. Landscaping Report – Committee Reported that the HOA landscaper mowed the common area grass areas in June, including the area above the detention pond. Landscaper also cleaned the stairs in Division 4.
  3. Architectural Control Committee Report – The requested for exterior paints and roof/sidings replacements by several homeowners were finished and done.  Reiterated the need for homeowners to have their neighbors sign the document needed (found in the website or given a copy) for any exterior painting, roof or siding replacements in order to be aware on the timing, activity and people coming in and out of the area. 
  4. Arborist Committee Report – There were several trees cut down/removed in the of Summer 2021 owned by Regatta that were stated in the NW Arborist study as deemed hazardous.
  5. Secretary’s Report – Helped prepared postcards and set up board meetings.  Sent requested bylaws to realtor regarding on sale for Lot42.  Realtor then found out in the web and pull this information.

Website – The website administrator updated the front page of the site.  It now has the Annual HOA meeting notice, information on the tree thieves and the request for HOA contact information updates.  Also, requesting ideas on the possible new format and information to include on the site. 

Action Items

  1. President will work on contacting Lennar developer for parking issues in Division 4.
  2. President will contact Bill L for information on the areas that were being planned for the Frognal development and retention pond.
  3. Agricultural Committee will work to consolidate the fence policy per the 2019 updates to the ACC documents.
  4. Treasurer will continue to work on updating banking information.

Next Meeting: Mid November to discuss 2022 Budget

Meeting Adjourned: 8:41P.M.