Ugly walls have replaced trees on Picnic Point Road

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Friday, May 6, 2022 1:30am

Why is the Snohomish County Planning and Development Department seeking to trash the natural beauty of our county? At one time the drive down Picnic Point Road to the park was a green scene of over 100-year old Douglas firs and cedars. Now towering Frognal and Bexley Ridge walls of cinder blocks hover over the existing homes of Regatta Estates and down the slope of the road. Gray rather than green. Static, not living. These are not reasonable 8 to 10 foot landscaped terraces but are gigantic, skyscrapers of walls. They cast gloom and shade. Nothing beautiful about them!

If you want a course in how to deface the once beautiful, take a drive down Picnic Point Road now. That this was allowed, even encouraged by the county’s own Planning and Development Department is horrifying. This is not the legacy of protecting the beauty and aesthetic of our county that we wish to pass to future generations. Citizens have spoken out continually to protect this area. Regatta Estates and the Sno-King Watershed Council continue to protest but lack the deep pockets of developers. This is ugly in so many ways.

Housing is needed but not at this price!

Joan Smith


Car Prowl May 08th 2022

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On Sunday May 08th at around 1:30 AM a car was broken into in the Regatta Estates neighborhood. Unfortunately mistakes were made and there was an unrelated car key fob in the car,  They left then came back about 10 minutes later without the backpack they had to begin with. When they came back they tried for over 10 minutes to steal the white SUV pictured. Luckily, since that was not the key to the car it didn’t work and they ended up leaving, but took the key with them.  It’s possible that the person drove to and from the neighborhood (or was driven) because of the way they seemed to have dropped the backpack, but there was no car captured on security cameras.

If you live near 133rd and Picnic Point and wouldn’t mind checking your cameras for an unknown car coming and going between 1:15 and 2AM-ish that would be very helpful information. Since they are captured on video attempting to steal a vehicle, this is attempted grand theft auto.

The criminal had on what looked like jeans, a white hoodie with a black jacket over the top, the backpack looked light pink or white. Could be a female, but possibly a small male.

This is a good reminder to keep your cars secure and free of valuables, even in our sleepy little neighborhoods!

Please email Regatta Estates with questions/comments

133rd Pl SW & 59th Avenue West, Edmonds, WA


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