9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The big annual Mukilteo Garage Sale is on this same day.

Shoppers look for garage sales outside of Mukilteo.

Signs will be posted on streets directing traffic to our area.

See your mailbox CBU (collection box unit) for details.


Get out and have some fun!!!!

Help us stop the tree thieves!

We need your help in preventing the removal of trees from our communal land!  There are a couple individuals who have repeatedly stopped along Picnic Point Rd., specifically Tract 994 to cut trees and remove the wood.  They do not have the right to do so.

Though they appear to be cutting trees that have either fallen or were felled intentionally (at our expense), this is a Native Growth Protection Area and they are not legally allowed to remove anything.

If you see a white late-90s Chevrolet pickup, or any other vehicle, parked along the road across from Division 2, or anywhere on Picnic Point Road along any of our divisions, please call the SnoCo non-emergency number at 425-407-3999 immediately.  You are welcome to remind these people that they are trespassing.

Our HOA board members and neighbors have approached them already, have posted signs, and have scattered wood staged to be removed several times.  They have been notified that what they are doing is not legal – and though they initially appeared to comply, wood is still disappearing!

Your help in thwarting these thieves will be immensely appreciated.

Stay Up-To-Date

In the hope of keeping our community members apprised of what’s new, we request that you send us your current e-mail address & contact info.  Our goal is to ensure that all neighbors get any important updates in a fast, convenient manner.

Most messages sent will pertain to upcoming meetings.  Please be assured we will not flood your inbox with unnecessary messages.

Feel free to reach out with your contact info at: or by clicking the “Contact us” link above – thank you.