Board Meetings now Online

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, Mukilteo City Hall is closed and is no longer allowing groups to use their meeting rooms.  Instead of scheduling events at city hall, the Regatta Estates Board of Directors is now meeting online

At the beginning of each meeting, there will be a Homeowner Forum where homeowners are invited to address their concerns to the rest of their neighbors.

If you are interested in attending, please email your name, home address, and your personal email address to the REHOA email account listed on the top of this page.   You can also us the “Contact Us” link on this page.  Once the board has verified that you are a member of the HOA, you will be emailed a invitation that will allow you to participate in the meeting.

Board Members Needed

The board of directors of Regatta Estates handles the day-to-day administrative duties for the HOA.  However, each year, some members leave the board due to changes in their employment or due to relocation.  Currently, there are openings on the board, and not all divisions have a representative.

Membership on the board is a great way to get involved and to have a positive effect on your neighborhood.  The board meets approximately 4-6 times a year, either at Mukilteo City Hall or online via Zoom.

If you would like to be involved, please contact the board via the “Contact Us” link on this page, or via our email address at

Wildlife in Regatta Estates

With the abundance of green belts surrounding our homes, we have a wide variety of wildlife.  In addition to the majestic Bald Eagles and Redhawks that you might see overhead, there have also been reports of coyotes and cougars in the area.  Neighboring communities have reported that their members have lost cats and dogs to the coyotes.  It is recommended that you keep small pets indoors, especially at night.  These predators tend to do much of their hunting during  this time: from dusk to dawn.

If you witness a predator in the area, do not approach it.  Contact PAWS Wildlife Center at 425-787-2500.