February 2022 Board Meeting

Date: February 17, 2022

Location: via online Zoom

Members in attendance:

            -President attended

            -Treasurer attended

            -Secretary attended

            -Agricultural Committee attended

            -Bruce and Beverly Droppelman

            -Charles Lawrence

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Review & Approve Minutes: Need to have somebody motion and 2nd the motion

Review & Approve Agenda: Motion by Diane and need 2nd the motion

Member Forum:

                   Board addressed homeowner Charles who volunteered to help and be an active member of REHOA.


  • Treasurer:
  • President verified that the checking and savings match the treasurer’s report.
  • Received dues payment from 23 homeowners.
  • Payments made in January 2022 to lawyers, website, email and landscaping.
  • Landscaping Committee:
  • February expense of close to $1000 includes painted Regatta entry sign and replaced pegs due old/rotten post on Division1 and 4.  This includes labor as well as cleanup of leaves around Regatta and the cleaning of stairs in Division 4 which usually has full of moss (done 2x a year).  Next paint job is the Division 3 entry sign. 
  • Architectural Control Committee
  • Lot 3 requested fence replacement and was approved.  When done, Regatta will reimburse half of the total less their past due on HOA dues.
  • Arborist Committee:
  • The same guy who previously cut trees in the Picnic Point Road owned by Regatta came back in the late January and saying that he has authorization/approval from somewhere and again this is not true.  He was told to leave. 
  • Secretary
    • HOA dues mailed week of 1/17/2022
    • Need to respond to email ASAP and acknowledge receipt to making aware that request will be forwarded to person responsible and will respond appropriately.
    • Email to forward to appropriate Board and/or Committee who is responsible then send a follow-up text.

Old Business

  • Architectural Committee will work updating the fence policy
    • Remaining 7 diseased/dangerous/hazardous trees approved by Arborist will be cut next year (2023).
    • President still at works with BECU on updating the signers. 
    • Regatta website where the “contact us” needs to be fixed

New Business

  • Welcome letter to send to new homeowners.
    • Cleanup of common area in Regatta 2; proposed a major cleanup of junipers that were hanging or extending over the road.   
    • Frognal/Lennar lawsuits – Regatta filed a lawsuit against Lennar regarding the retaining wall constructed in Division 1 which were not in accordance to the one approved by the Hearing Examiner’s decision as well as the Snohomish County Planning and Development.  There might be an article in the Mukilteo Herald on it.  Lawsuit is still pending.
    • Winter weather proposal/ideas on roads inside Regatta – will review and look for possible solution(s)

Review of Action Items

  • Casey/Dave
    • Consolidate and rewrite fence policy
  • Dave       
    • Visit BECU to update/add signer
  • Diane/Nerissa
    • Work to send welcome letter

Next Meeting



            The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm