June 2021 Board Meeting

Date: June 17, 2021

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 6:30 p.m.

The REHOA board president opened the Zoom meeting room at 6:25 p.m. and members signed in. Two devoted residents interrupted their Hawaiian vacation to attend. The president called the meeting to order, and shared his screen containing the meeting agenda. The minutes from the April meeting had been previously distributed by the acting secretary. The minutes were reviewed. No changes were deemed necessary, and they were accepted as written.

Homeowner Forum: The two homeowners who took time from their Hawaiian vacation to attend mentioned that they have been trying to find time to get involved and hope to do so in the future. The president introduced the other board members and gave a brief description of the duties of each, as well as the issues confronting the HOA. He also extended an invitation to the members to join the board is whatever role in which they would feel conformable.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer had sent all board members copies of the June Treasurer’s Report, the May 31 bank statement, the 2021 Budget Comparison, and scans of the check book and savings book register. The vice-president confirmed that the amounts shown in the registers coincided with the amounts shown on the Treasurer’s report. The Treasurer shared his screen with the 2021 Budget Comparison and highlighted some of the numbers, including the number of homeowners in the HOA, and the number of dues payments received. Friendly reminder notices had been sent to all of these homeowners. The treasurer also confirmed that our current revenue was adequate to cover all the expenses that we should see for the remainder of 2021.
  2. Landscaping Report – Committee Reported that the HOA landscaper is dues to mow the common area grass areas in June, including the area above the detention pond. Landscaper also cleaned the stairs in Divison 4.
  3. Architectural Control Committee Report – Committee has received two painting and one re-roofing requests from homeonwers in April and May.
  4. Arborist Committee Report – Committee commented about the WH/NGPA areas that is included in the legal description for each lot in our association. Each of the homeowners has an “undivided interest” in these tracts and is legally liable for their care and maintenance, including the removal of trees that may be deemed hazardous. A certified arborist had reviewed the areas in October of 2020, and the licensed tree service has removed trees that were deemed hazardous and within sticking distance of a high value target. Committee is also going to contact the PUD concerning two dead trees on Tract 997 that could not be removed by the tree service.
  5. Secretary’s Report – Acting secretary reported that several homeowners have decided that now was the time to pain their homes and she has been busy forwarding ACC requests. She also expressed some disappointment since she had been contacted by several homeowners who expressed a desire to be included in the meeting. However, only a couple of homeowners actually were able to attend.

Old Business

  1. Banking – In order to prevent any single individual from have access to the HOA funds, the association has always wanted to have dual control on the accounts, i.e. one person (the treasurer) holds the checkbook and creates the checks, but it requires a second person (an authorized signer) to actually sign the check. The HOA is attempting to update the signer’s list. However, our bank has insisted that all parties involved (including those who no longer live in the area) are required to supply all their personal information before any changes can be make. Since some of the former signers are now living overseas, that is not practical. Two options are open: 1. Close the current accounts and re-open them at the same bank. 2. Close the current accounts and re-open them at a new bank. We have enough checks to last through the end of the year, but the board is plamning to do one of these two options during the slack period in the fourth quarter of this year.
  2. Audit – Our tax person, Ann F., had said that she would be available to perform the audit in August. The HOA treasurer plans to print out the necessary documents to perform an audit on 2019 and 2020, and schedule an appointment with her. The treasurer also pointed out that we are required to supply hard copies (paper) of all documents since the tax service will not upload any electronic documents into their system, for fear of contracting a computer virus.
  3. Architectural Control Documents – Committee is re-writing documents with the changes that were approved in 2019. Two of the homeowners asked that an explanation be included that specifies who is responsible for the payment on fence replacement, especially for fences between two neighboring members. A new category has been added to the website that will allow for the updated documents to be published to the site.
  4. Travel Trailer – The CC&Rs prohibit RV’s, travel trailers, trailers of any sort in the view of any homeowners. The homeowners insists that since he has put a cover over the trailer, it is no longer in view. The board disagrees and is going to check with the HOA attorney to see if the homeowner is in violation of any county laws.

New Business

  1. Letter from Surface Water Management – A letter was sent to all homeowners in April that outlined work to be performed by Snohomish County on the detention pond and drainage system. A concern was raised asking if the surface water from the new development was going to be directed into the existing Regatta Estates system. During the peak rain season, the detention pond has been filled to over-flowing. It may not be adequate to accept any additions flow. It was suggested that we contact Bill L. for clarification.
  2. Letter from Sno County to B. Lider – The letter referenced Tract 995 and Tract 996 as being areas that may be used by the new development. A board member expressed some concern that they may be building on REHOA property, and that we may be left to take care of any residual issues. Or are there two tracts with the same numbers. Again, it was suggested that we contact Bill L for more information.
  3. Parking on front lawn– Homeowner complained about a neighbor who is parking several vehicles in the street, and has taken to parking a car on their front lawn. Homeowners also complained about the resident of this home re-selling used plastic play equipment from the home. Homeowners also reported that people (who have been buying the equipment) tend to block the street and become aggressive when they are asked to move. President explained that the board had sent letters to this homeowner in the past but with little results. President also expressed frustration with the apparent disregard that this homeowner has shown for his neighbors. Neighbors have also mentioned that the owner may no longer be in residence at that location. If that is the case, it may be difficult to contact the owners since this is the only address that we have for them.
  4. Fireworks – Two homeowners reported that their homes were damaged last year when neighbors lit off fireworks on the 4th of July. The parties responsible for the damage did not offer to pay for the repairs. Board members attempted to research the current laws regarding fireworks in un-incorporated Snohomish County. Initial information indicated that fireworks may have been banned in our area starting in January of 2021. Board members agreed to look further into this. However, the board also agreed that the HOA does not have the authority to enforce the county laws. Online information included a special “non-emergency” phone number for reporting violations. The board president and vice-president agreed that posting this number would be helpful.

Action Items

  1. Vice President will contact Bill L for information on the areas that are being planned for the retention pond and as a recreation area.
  2. Treasurer will add information on the Fireworks Ban, including the non-emergency phone number, to the website.
  3. President will work to consolidate the fence policy per the 2019 updates to the ACC documents.
  4. Treasurer will contact the lawyer regarding the homeowners with excessive number of vehicles, and the home with the trailer parked in the front yard.
  5. Treasurer will continue work on updating banking.
  6. Treasurer will prepare documents for audit.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 19, 2021, set to start at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:26 P.M.