October 2020 Board Meeting

Date: October 1, 2020

Place: Virtual Meeting, held online via Zoom

The Board president called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. There were no homowners president, thus there was no homeowner forum.


Vice-president’s Report: At the July meeting, homeowner’s expressed concerns about raised sections of the sidewalk on 133rd St. S.W. The vice-president contacted Snohomish County and requested that the sidewalk be repaired. The county said that they would add this project to their list of repair jobs. Unfortunately, due to budget restraints and the number of other repair projects that have already been requested, it may be some time before permanent repairs can be made. However, the county did come out and ground down the raised areas on several of the sidewalk. Note: The last time the HOA requested a repair on a sidewalk, it was approximately four years until the job was completed.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer distributed copies of the August, September, and October treasurer’s reports, the corresponding bank statements, and up-to-date budget comparison report. The board looked at the dues payments and compared it to past years. While payments were dues on April 30, the board voted to send a reminder notice to delindquent homeowners. In light of the covid-19 situation, the board also agreed to accept payments through the end of the year. However, any homeowner who does not submit their dues will be assessed the late fee of $25.00 and interest starting at the original due date.

Landscape Committee: The landscaper has been mowing the common areas twice a month during the growing season. This will be cut back to once a month as we approach winter, and will be shut down entirely in the December through February months. The landscaper will continue to maintain the entryways.

Arborist Committee: In October and November of 2019, the committee requested permission from Snohomish County to remove some dead trees on Tract 994 (between Division 1 and Division 4). If these trees fall, they can reach home, pedestrians, car traffic, and the main power lines to our area. However, the county has not responded to any of our requests. Furthermore, they do not even confirm that they have received our requests. The committee has since submitted an online request to Adam Jackson for a site visit. He responded that we would need to submit another arborist report to Snohomish County PDS. Using the list on the Snohomish County website, the committee has contacted a local arborist for a new study.

Website: The website administrator was able to create a new “category” and placed it on the home page header. However, it is not as user-friendly as the original document file. Administrator asked board members to examine the new section and offer their suggestions.

Tract 992: The HOA landscaper reported that survey flags had been placed on Tract 992. This is the area below Division 1 over which the developer of the new housing division wants to run sewer lines. In order to protect the association homeowners, it is suggested that the association have a wetlands expert perform a Wetlands Verification on this tract. Once obtained, this will be presented to Alderwood Water and Wastewater for review before granting permission to developer.

Action Items:

  1. Secretary has contacted the county regarding the damaged sidewalks, and will continue to work with homeowners regarding the removal of trees that are causing issues.
  2. Landscape committee had HOA landscaper perform some maintenance on Tract 993. Landscaper will continue to maintain
  3. Arborist committee will be submitting new arborist report to County.
  4. Arborist committee will work with Touchstone Ecoservices to perform a Wetlands Verification on Tract 992.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held online on December 10 or 17. The date will be confirmed later and posted to the HOA website.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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