January 2018 Board Meeting

Date:  January 10, 2018

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall

The meeting was called to order by the board vice-president at 7:11 p.m.  The minutes of the November 2017 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.  Next, the meeting agenda was distributed, reviewed, and approved.

Member Forum:  No homeowner elected to speak


Treasurers Report: 

  • Copies of the January treasurers report were distributed along with the December 2017 bank statement and the final budget comparison for 2017.
  • A member at large verified that the balances in the report matched the register balances for the checking and savings account.
  • The treasurer reviewed the budget comparison, and discussed the dues revenue versus the total expenses for 2017.
  • Past Due letters had been sent in November, and the one account that had received an “Intent to Lien” letter has now paid in full.

Landscaping Committee Report:

  • The association landscaper is currently completing maintenance on the entranceways to all five divisions.
  • HOA landscaper recommended that we consider spreading mulch or bark on the entranceways.
  • Committee suggested that a bid be obtained for removing dead arborvitae along Picnic Point Rd in Division 4.
  • Committee reported that our landscaper has lost his one employee, and is looking for someone to help him.

Architectural Control Committee: 

  • No applications were received since the last meeting.
  • During 2017, there was a major issue with parking of non-working vehicles on the street in Division 1.  These renters had moved and the problem has disappeared.


Arborist Committee:

  • Trees on parking strip at entrance to Division 2 were removed in November,  and the stumps were ground.  Grinding was needed since the trees variety were maples, and they would come back if the stumps were left.
  • Committee had contacted the tree service about cleaning up after the grinding.  The service countered that there was a legal issue about leaving holes that someone might trip over.  The HOA landscaper cleaned up the debris.
  • Secretary reported that a homeowner continues to ask her when the sidewalk will be repaired.  The vice-president reported that she contacted Snohomish County again this month, and was told that we are on the list.  She was also told that there is a delay since there is a new department head.
  • Member-at-large suggested that a story be added to our website that would describe what has been accomplished, and what is being worked on.


Old Business

  • The 2018 budget was reviewed and approved.
  • The board is reviewing options for a digital recorder for the secretary.  This would allow the secretary to participate in the meetings.  They could review the recording after a meeting and create the meeting minutes.  One member showed a personal device purchased online for about $80.00.
  • Board reviewed plans for a Five-year plan or calendar of events.  It was proposed that the board explore using Google Docs.
  • Board reviewed the need for a back-up storage device for the board president or vice-president.  It was suggested that an external SSD be purchased.
  • Board approved expenses for purchase of the digital recorder and the back-up storage drive.

New Business

  • Board reviewed the list of signers for HOA accounts.  Current signers agreed to stay as signers for 2018, thus eliminating the need for adding and removing any signers.
  • Board approved in advance the yearly expenses for mowing, entranceway cleanup, detention pond maintenance, stair maintenance, office expenses, insurance, mail box rental, state incorporation fee, tax preparation, and website.  Items not given blanket approval and will require an individual vote:  arborist study, audit of accounts, fence replacement, legal, special or emergency maintenance, and tree removal.
  • Member at large mentioned a vehicle that had been parked in Division 1 for several days.  Member  asked if she could have the vehicle towed.  The board suggested that the vehicle be reported to the Snohomish County Sheriff.
  • Members set date for meeting on April 18th.
  • Board members prepared the 2018 dues notices.


Review of Action Items

  • Vice-president will continue to contact Snohomish County about sidewalk repair.
  • Vice-president will obtain bid on removal of dead arborvitae.
  • Secretary will purchase a recording device.
  • Treasurer will purchase a back-up storage device for the president or vice-president.
  • Secretary will establish a Google Docs
  • Treasurer will send out the 2018 REHOA Dues Notices.
  • Treasurer will research type of audit that we need to have done on the hoa accounts.


Next Meeting:  The next meeting is scheduled for February 7tht.


Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at  8:04


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