November 2017 Board Meeting

Date:  November 8, 2017

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall

Meeting was called to order by the board president at 7:05 pm.  The agenda was reviewed and approved.  The minutes from the October general meeting had been distributed immediately after that meeting, and members had submitted comments on a typographical error, as well as a couple of items that needed to be added.  The secretary thanked the members for the attention to detail.  The minutes were approved with the corrections.  The president asked for all the board members and attendees to introduce themselves.

Member Forum:  One association member reported that the parking problem in Division 1 may have been solved, and the vehicles in question are no longer present.  The member will observe if this continues, and will report at the next meeting.  Homeowner also suggested the association look into limiting the number of homes that can be purchased for the purpose of renting.  The homeowner stated that the condition of the neighborhood has a significant impact on the resale value of a home.  Homeowners also commented on the vandalism committed by vehicles that are driving across the landscape areas.


  • President’s report:  Discussed the option of requiring renters to sign an agreement that they will abide by the CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Architectural Standards of Regatta Estates.  It was suggested that any agreement would need to be reviewed by the association lawyer.  Members also discussed the difficulty in contacting and obtaining responses from absentee owners, and how  these owner could be informed of changes in the Rules and Regulations.
  • Treasurer’s report:  The treasurer distributed copies of the November treasurer’s report, the October bank statement, and the current budget comparison.  Board reviewed the dues revenue for the year versus the year-to-date operating expenses.  Treasurer also gave an estimate of the anticipated expenses for the remainder of 2017.  These expenses include payments to the state for the annual incorporation renewal (in December), the rental fee for the HOA mailbox (in December), remaining landscaping invoices, and the expenses associated with tree removal (in November).  A board member confirmed that the saving and checking register amounts were identical to those in the monthly report.  The treasurer also had the registered agent sign the annual state incorporation forms.
  • Landscape Committee report:  Since the October general meeting, our landscaper has cleaned the stairs, removed some dead trees and shrubs from the common areas, and made three trips to pick up leaves.  Committee has been in touch with Snohomish County and arrangements are being scheduled to repair the damage to the sidewalk.  Members also noted that the utilities have been marked on the sidewalk and grass in the area.
  • Arborist Committee report:  The board approved two estimates for the removal of trees, with the first being scheduled later this month.  This area is not a NGPA.  Snohomish County has already been informed of the plans for removal of the trees in the planting strips.  The committee will check with the county to see if approval is required to remove dangerous alders.  According to information on Snohomish County’s website, alders are not considered “significant”  trees.
  • Architectural Control Committee:  One member complained about the condition of some neighbors homes, specifically their need for new paint, or at least the removal of the mold and mildew.  Some members countered that this was covered by the CC&Rs and/or the Architectural Controls.  It was suggested that a letter could be sent to the homeowner, outlining some inexpensive fixes.

Review of Annual Meeting:

  • Board reviewed the annual meeting, and discussed the venue used for this meeting.   The REHOA had held the annual meetings on several occasions, but some felt that the results did not justify the $200.00 expense.  Other members countered that this location allowed for more homeowners to attend and that it made for a more professional image for the hoa.   The board voted to use the venue again for the 2018 meeting, and then review the results before planning for future meetings.
  • Board also discussed the new homes being built on adjacent properties, the state land use decisions regarding storm water regulations, and the impact of traffic, parking, and construction on the neighborhood streets.  Finally, the board discussed development of commercial transportation at Paine Field and its impact on our area.

New Business:

  • Preliminary Budget Planning for 2018:  The treasurer distributed a 2018 REHOA Budget Worksheet showing the expenses for the previous three years.  Based on these numbers and expected increases, some preliminary budget amounts were proposed for each line item.  In addition, a timeline for each of the expense was included in the comments section.  Board reviewed each of the line items and discussed the proposed amounts.  Board members gave preliminary approval to the 2018 budget, but were asked to review the numbers.  If any members see an area of concern, there were asked to communicate this before the January meeting.
  • Five year plan:  Members discussed the need to record proposals made during any meeting to calendar so that the board can continue to work on them.  In addition, future boards will need to know what work has been initiated, and what needs to be done before that project can be implemented or discarded.  By doing so, boards will be better able to progress and make better plans for the future.
  • Association records:  It was proposed that a recorder be purchased to aid the secretary in keeping the minutes, and an external hard drive for the president to store the association records.

Action Items:

  • 2018 Budget:  All board members were asked to review the proposed 2018 budget, communicate any changes that they perceive, and be ready to finalize the budget at the January meeting.  Once finalized, board members will be asked to vote their approval via email before the January meeting.
  • 2018 Dues Letter: The treasurer  will print a proposed 2018 dues letter, the account ledgers, the proposed budget sheet, and the labels necessary for sending out the dues letters.  If all is approved, the dues letters will be processed at the January meeting, and sent out the next day.
  • Landscape committee:  Committee chairman will create a timeline for all the projects tasked to the committee, and place it in the committee folder.
  • HOA recorder and calendar:  The secretary will research options for a voice recorder and will create a calendar of proposed projects.
  • HOA external hard drive:  The treasurer will research options for an external hard drive which will be held by the president.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40.


Next meeting:  January 10th



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