October 2017 General Meeting

Date: October 18, 2017

Location:  Spiro’s Pizza and Pasta

Meeting Called to order:  7:11 p.m.

Introduction:  The Board president called the meeting to order, and then had each of the board members introduce themselves and their position on the board.   The president then invited all attending members to introduce themselves and their division.  Following this, the agenda for the meeting and the minutes from the last board meeting were reviewed and approved.

Member Forum:  Several homowners attended the meeting.  While there were no comments during the member forum portion of the meeting, some were voiced during other parts of the meeting:

  • Request for additional maintenance on the stairs in Division 4.  In particular, the cutting back of the blackberry bushes along the stairs and the path at the top of the stairs.
  • Questions about the fencing along Picnic Point Rd, including discussion of the approval procedure, construction style and materials, and the reimbursement process.
  • Discussion of the ACC and the appearance of the various divisions


  • President:  The board president gave a recap of the past year, including a summary of the actions of the board and the various committees.
  • Treasurer:  The treasurer distributed copies of the October treasurer’s report, the September bank statement, and the updated budget comparison.  The vice-president verified that the statement balances matched those in the checking and savings registers.  The treasurer gave a brief summary on the current status of our accounts, including the 2017 revenue, 2017 expenses, and the anticipated expenses for the remainder of the year.
  • Landscaping Committee:  The committee chairperson reported that our landscaper will soon commence the Fall clean-up.  In addition, she will discuss performing additional clearing along the stairs in Division 4, and removal of some of the dead plants at the entrances to each division.
  • Arborist Committee:  The committee chairperson reviewed the amount of common area held by the HOA and the steps taken over the past two years.  These included discussions with neighboring HOAs on how they handle their common areas, a review with our lawyer on our responsibilities, and the requirements from the county.  These prompted a base-line arborist study, two years of meetings with members of the county planning division, and culminated with a tree service removing some potentially hazardous trees.  The whole process took almost two years.  Due to the extensive amount of common areas held by the HOA, the association realizes that this will be an ongoing process, and the committee is making plans for the next survey.
  • Architectural Control Committee:  No members of the ACC attended this meeting.  The board president asked in any attendees would like to join the ACC.


Old Business:

  • Annual meeting announcement:  Members confirmed that they received the post cards sent out for this meeting.
  • Preparations for this meeting:  The vice-president placed the meeting order with the restaurant, the reservation at Mukilteo City Hall was cancelled,
  • Tree service was contacted regarding the availability of their arborist.


New Business:

  • 2018 Board Members:   All current board members have agreed to remain on the board.  One additional homeowner has agreed to join as a member at large.
  • 2018 Budget Meeting:  Fence projections will remain the same since there are several fences that have yet to be replaced.  With increases in the costs of labor and materials, it is anticipated that the costs will continue to increase.  While landscaping rates have not changed over the past five years, our landscaper will be forced to increase his hourly charge in  2018.  It is anticipated that our legal expenses with decrease in 2018.  A new arborist study is anticipated for 2018.  Finally, the treasurer has requested an audit of our accounts.


Review of Action items:

  • The landscaping committee will meet with our service to arrange for work on the stairs, the fall clean-up, and removal of the dead plants at the entrances.
  • The arborist committee will continue to work on the next arborist stury.
  • Arrangements will be made for a meeting in January.


Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting is scheduled for November 8th, 7:00 p.m., at Mukilteo City Hall Council Chambers.



  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.



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