March 2017 Board Meeting

Date:  March 15, 2017

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall Council Chambers

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by the board president.  The president distributed the meeting agenda.  After allowing members to review the agenda, he asked if any additions were needed.  The agenda was approved as written.

The minutes from the January meeting have been sent to all board members by the secretary.  Board president asked if there was any changes or additions needed.  One member suggested that, in the review of Action Items section, the actual tasks should be listed along with the member who volunteered to perform that task.  By doing so, members would have a written reminder of what they needed to do before the next meeting.   The recommendation was accepted, and the minutes were approved.

The association attorney was introduced, and then the floor was opened to the Member Forum.  Four homeowners expressed concerns about their neighborhood.  In particular, they commented on:  1.  Vehicles parked on the street were causing unsafe conditions for drivers coming into the neighborhood, including causing vehicles to swerve near children on the sidewalk;  2.  Damage to the CBU (mailbox) by a vehicle;  3.  Disabled vehicles or vehicles that require a jump-start;  4. The ACC process not being followed by homeowners, including the construction of unauthorized structures;  5.  Pet waste is not picked up promptly;  5.  Renters do not understand nor abide by the CC&Rs.

At the completion of the homeowner forum, the association attorney addressed these concerns and advised the homeowners and the board on how to proceed.  He explained what our CC&Rs can and cannot do.  In particular, the RCWs (Revised Code of Washington) empowers the board and the HOA to establish rules and regulations (including fines) for the neighborhoods.  Since the streets are county property, parking and safety concerns need to be address by the county.  Disabled vehicles are prohibited by the CC&Rs.  The mailbox can be repaired by the HOA, but needs to be approved by the post office.  The ACC can use current rules and regulations to address concerns.  The board needs to establish a fine schedule.  More homeowners need to be added to the ACC.  As to rental properties, the HOA cannot regulate the number of properties that are renter occupied.  However, the HOA can pass rules and regulations that would require the owners to supply all renters with the CC&Rs, Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulations, and the renters could be required to sign a document acknowledging that they have received them.  The owners can also be required to provide the HOA with a copy of the lease/rental agreement when a property is rented.

The association attorney also suggested that the HOA:  1.  Establish rules and regulations to address issues where the HOA has the authority to enforce;  2.  Establish a fine schedule;  3.  Solicit input for all owners and obtain support for new rules and regulations;  4.  Uniformly enforce new and current rules and regulations;  5.  Create an ACC for each division.  (This would require a significant increase in the number of volunteers active in the HOA.


Treasurer:  Treasurer distributed copies of the March treasurer’s report, copies of the February bank statement, and copies of the budget comparison.  The vice-president confirmed that the amounts shown on the report were identical to the register amounts.  Dues payments were reviewed, along with the Past Due Report.  The treasurer reported the all account ledgers are up-to-date and reflect current principal, interest and late fees owed.  Treasurer discussed concerns about the yearly expenses incurred to this point in the year.

Landscaping Committee:  Our landscaper has informed the committee that he will be completing the maintenance on the entrances.  Committee members has also been in contact with Snohomish County about the sidewalk near the school bus stop in Division 2.  The county  may be out in April to assess the situation and decide if the sidewalk will be repaired.

Architectural Control Committee:  The committee agreed that we need to look at rules and regulations for the association.  This will continue at the next meeting.  The board nominated and approved four new members for the Architectural Control Committee.

Arborist Committee:  Snohomish County continues to refuse permission to cut the trees that were deemed “hazardous” by the 2016 arborist report, claiming that they cannot do so while a court case is pending regarding a neighboring development.  Since the superior court case ended in early March, the committee will again request permission.

Secretary:  Secretary reported contacting members regarding meeting, and will add the new ACC members to HOA correspondence.

Old Business

  • Expenses were approval for standard items (landscaping, insurance, taxes, website) were updated.
  • LUPA status updated.
  • Dues Letters were sent out immediately after the January 11th meeting.
  • 2016 HOA taxes have been completed and filed.
  • Website renewal and web-hosting was purchased for the next year.

New Business

  • Board will research rules and regulations of surrounding HOAs.
  • Members will work on drafting an informative letter to homeowners, asking for input regarding new rules and regulations.

Review of Action Items

Rules and regulations:  Board members were each assigned a nearby HOA to contact regarding their current rules and regulation.  Arborist committee will again contact Snohomish County PDS.  Board members are asked to bring ideas to the next meeting about what should be included in the letter to members.  Past dues accounts:  2017 Dues are to be paid by April 30.  Board will review compliance at next meeting.  Treasurer will bring compose reminder letter for homeowners who are delinquent.

Next Meetings

The next meetings are scheduled for May 17th and June 21st (tentative).

Meeting was Adjourned at 9:14 p.m.


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