List of Contacts and Email addresses

Below is a list of local municipal and county officials, along with their email addresses:
Snohomish County
County Executive Dave Somers
PDS Director Barbara Mock
Council Members
Brian Sullivan (district 2)
Stephanie Wright (district 3)
Terry Ryan (district 4)
Legislative Aids (to council members)
Robert Knoll (district 2)
Joshua Thompson (district 3)
Pam Pruitt (district 3)
Code Enforcement
Craig Odegaard 425-262-2296
Amders Olin 425-262-2201
Department of Ecology
Stormwater Inspector Evam Dobrowski EDOB461@ECY.WA.GOV 425-213-4230
Mayor Dave Earling
Council Members
Kristiana Johnson
Mike Nelson
Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
Diane Buckshnis
Dave Teitzel
Thomas Mesaros
Neil Tibbott
collective email
Mayor Jennifer Gregerson
Council Members
Bob Champion
Christine Cook
Richard Emery
Sarah Kneller skneller!
Anna Rohrbough
Steve Schmalz
Scott Whelpley
collective email
Mayor Nicola Smith
Council Members Benjamin Goodwin
Shannon Sessions
Christine Frizzell
Ian Cotton
Ruth Ross
Shirley Sutton
George Hurst
Mill Creek
Mayor Pam Pruitt 425-745-1891
Mayor Pro Tem Brian Holtzclaw 425-745-1891
City Manager
city council
Mark Bond 425-745-1891
Vince Cavaleri 425-745-1891
Jared Mead 425-745-1891
 John Steckler 425-745-1891
Mike Todd 425-745-1891
Fire Commissioners
Benjamin Goodwin
Christine Frizzell
David Chan
Jim Kenny
Jim McGaughey
Bob Meador
Richard Schrock
Melissa Blankenship (Exec. Ass.)
Mukilteo/Edmonds Bweacon
The Everett Herald
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