Frognal Clear-cutting to Continue

As reported previously, the Frognal Estates developers obtained permission from Snohomish County to clear-cut the forest above Regatta Estates.  This is particularly upsetting since the early cutting of the forest was initiated to derail a court review of the project being brought by the Sno-King Watershed Council (SKWC).  The case is scheduled to be heard in February of 2019.  If the trees have already been removed, there may be nothing to be saved by going to court:  The damage will have already been done, and the clear-cutting cannot be reversed.  At least, not in our lifetime.


The SKWC obtained a brief stop work order on December 7.  However, King County Court Judge Barbara Linde ruled in favor of the developer, and logging resumed on December 12.


The SKWC feels that Snohomish County has not been enforcing its code requirements on the Frognal Estates project and  (the SKWC) has stated that they will continue to monitor the project, and will point out project failures and code violations as they become apparent.


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