December 2018 Board Meeting

Date:  December 12, 2018

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall, City Council Chambers

The meeting was called to order by the REHOA vice-president at 7:05 p.m.  Instead of the normal board meeting, the agenda for this meeting was devoted to a presentation by Bill Lider on his review of the current plans submitted to Snohomish County PDS by the developer of the Frognal properties, and their impact of the homes and residents of Regatta Estates.

Mr. Lider introduced himself, explaining that he has been specializing in storm water design work for approximately forty years, lending his expertise to projects in the major municipalities of King and Snohomish counties.   He related that he looks at projects from a review standpoint as well as a design standpoint, and is familiar with the county storm water codes as well as the Department of Ecology’s storm water manual.  He is also a member of the Sno-King Watershed Council (SKWC).  The SKWC believes that the project has significant risk for the Picnic Point Creek, as well as the resident who live down slope from this project.  Mr. Lider then outlined the series of events leading up to the December 12, 2018 re-starting of the clear-cutting of the forest on the hills to the west of Picnic Point Road above Regatta Estates.  This included some secret pre-construction meetings held by Snohomish County that gave the contractor the go-ahead to start the logging.  When the SKWC approached the county about this, the county stated that they do not have to inform anyone since there was no requirement on the books that obligates them to inform the SKWC or any other interested parties of these meetings.  Mr. Lider explained that this is something that they would like to see changed, and that he asked for the REHOA members support in changing the codes regarding such meetings, especially in cases like this where the decisions are currently under appeal.

The main portion of Mr. Lider’s presentation was centered on the development that is going to occur but that is still under design right now.  The Frognal development is currently in their fourth submittal, with their last set of drawings submitted in October of 2018.  In November, Mr. Lider sent in 15 pages of comments to Snohomish County PDS on the most recent plans.  As of last week, the county had not responded.  Mr. Lider then proceeded with a power point presentation on his findings.  This power point presentation is available for view:

To download the file from Dropbox:

  1. Click on the link to access the Dropbox file.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on “No thanks, continue   to view” to open the file.
  3. In the upper right hand corner of your screen, click on Download to save the  PowerPoint file onto your computer.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Mr. Lider answered questions from the REHOA members present.  Mr. Lider also asked for the support from all REHOA members and anyone interested in this cause.  You can send a check to:  Sno-King Watershed Council,  7815 NE 192 St., Kenmore WA  98028

You can also donate on-line.  Go to the website and click on the Donate button at


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