October 23, 2018 – Email from Julie Meghji

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR NEIGHBORS! It is very important that residents of Regatta Estates, particularly those who live on 133rd Place SW, become members of the Sno-King Watershed Council as they are going to be the most impacted by the logging. The current Forest Practices permit approved by the County allows Frognal to construct a “daisy chain” of ponds linked with new pipes, from 60th Ave W down to just above the homes on 133rd Place SW. The piped water will be much more concentrated and flow much faster than in the current forested condition. The current design proposed is to infiltrate all of the stormwater, but provides NO METHOD to prevent sediment from clogging the ponds. There is NO emergency bypass flow for the ponds, so any overflow will run downslope through the Regatta Estates homes. In the event of a large storm or a collapse of the pond dike, people could forced out of their homes with a tsunami-like mudflow delivering massive pollution delivered to Picnic Point Creek. The Sno-King Watershed Council has petitioned Snohomish County to take a more comprehensive look at the plans for Frognal Estates, and at the very least require needed modifications to their stormwater management plan, as well as other known issues that require further modification.


The Membership form to the Sno-King Watershed Council can be found in the Documents section of this site.

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