Urgent Appeal from the Sno-King Watershed Council

On Friday afternoon, November 30, 2018, representatives of the Sno-King Watershed Council were informed that the Snohomish County PDS has authorized the clearcutting, grading and land distribution activity to commence at Frognal Estates.

The Sno-King Watershed Council is currently an appellant in the early logging permit appeal pending in Superior Court, but they have received no notification of this clearcutting or any indication that clearcutting was imminent.  The Sno-King Watershed Council will file a motion in court on MOnday to halt the logging operation, but they need your help now.




Write an email today to Dave Somers, County Executive Dave.Somers@co.snohomish.wa.us with a copy (cc) to Barbara Mock, PDS Director Barbara.Mock@co.snohomish.wa.us  Tell them:

  1. The County needs to halt the Frognal Estates tree clearcutting, until The Sno-King Watershed Council has time to file a Motion to Stay, and the Court rules on this matter.
  2. It is reckless and irresponsible to start Land-Disturbing Activities in December on steep slopes that the County has deemed an erosion hazard under  SCC 30.91E.160.

 Follow up your email with a call to Dave Somers at 425-388-3312 and leave a voicemail message with the same request.

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