August 2018 Board Meeting

Date:  August 15, 2018

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall

The board president called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm and distributed copies of the meeting agenda.  The agenda was reviewed by the board.  The president had no included any new business, but board members reserved the right to add new business that might be brought up during the meeting.  The minutes from the June meeting were distributed in the week after the June 20th meeting.  These were also approved as written.  The board president opened the member forum.  One homeowner from division one was asked if the parking situation was still an issue of contention.  She responded that it has been quiet for the past few months and may have been resolved.  Another member submitted a request that he be added to the list of homeowners who are informed about the meetings.


Tresurer’s Report:  The treasurer distributed copies of the August treasurer’s report, the July bank statement, and the 2018 budget comparison.   Treasurer discussed the 2018 dues and the Past Due Report.  The president asked how the numbers for this year compared to that for previous years.  Since this is a recurring question, the treasurer produced a spreadsheet showing the number of dues paid each month over the past 10 years, and the cumulative number paid through each month of those years.

Per the board vote at the June meeting, homeowners who are delinquent in paying the 2018 HOA dues have been assessed a late fee and interest.  A letter was sent to each of these members informing them of this assessment, and including an update-to-date account ledger showing all payments for that property and the amount currently owed.

The treasurer also reported on a Demand Statement that had been sent by a local title company to the association.  While the statement had been completed and returned, the title company complained that they had not received it.   After the document was resent three times, it was determined that there was any problem at the title company’s end.  To complete the transmission, the documents had to be sent to a separate email.  In the end, the title company did get the requested documents.

The treasurer also contacted the HOA lawyer regarding the placing of a lien on a property in the association.  Our lawyer gave a list of the information that he would need when filing the lien as well as the total cost to place and release a lien.  Our lawyer also confirmed that all expenses associated with the lien were fully chargeable to the homeowner.

Landscaping Committee Report:

Committee reported that tract 994 had been trimmed by our landscaper.  The committee reported on the difficulties experienced with one of the services.  Before signing a new contract, the committee is looking into the availability of the previous company for 2019.


Architectural Control Committee Report:

Committee reported that they had not received any new requests since the last meeting.

Arborist Committee Report:

The committee has received a inquiry concerning some dead trees on HOA property.  Board members visited the site but were unable to locate the trees.  The Arborist Committee attempted to contact the homeowner, but there was no one home.  The committee members contacted neighbors of this homeowner, but they were not able to identify the trees in question.  The Arborist committee then had the arborist for our tree service visit the site.  He located two deciduous trees that drop their leaves during the winter and spring months.  If viewed during these months, some may think that they have dies.  The arborist committee has sent the homeowner a letter asking for the location of the trees.  The committee also pointed out that the area in question is listed as a protected area and we would need to obtain approval from Snohomish County.

At the June meeting, a member of the PUD had contacted the association requesting permission to trim or remove of trees on HOA property that may cause issues for the PUD transmission lines along Picnic Point Road.  The board president had signed off on their request.  To date, the work has not been started.

Secretary’s Report:

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