June 2018 Board Meeting

Date:  June 20, 2018

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall


The board president called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. and distributed copies of the meeting Agenda.  The agenda was reviewed and approved.  The minutes from the April meeting had been sent out by the secretary for review.  One board member pointed out an error on the date.  The minutes from the April meeting were approved subject to this correction.

Member Forum:  A representative from the PUD asked to speak, and requested permission to trim some trees in our common areas that were beginning to encroach on the power lines along Picnic Point Rd.  The board president signed the forms and the board was told that the work would likely be performed in August.  No other members chose to speak.




  • The treasurer distributed copies of the June treasurer’s report, the May bank statement, and the comparative budget report.
  • The treasurer noted that we have yet to receive bills from the either landscape company for work done in April and May.
  • Reminder letters were sent to homeowners that are delinquent on their 2018 HOA dues.
  • Board members reviewed the bylaws regarding late fees and proposed that delinquent homeowners be informed that they have been assessed the late fee and interest going back to the April 30th deadline.
  • Board members also approved a request to contact our lawyer regarding a potential lien against a property that is in arrears for more than one year.

Landscaping Committee: 

  • Cleanup of all five entryways has been completed.  This included the removal of a dead tree and the cutting up and removal of a large limb that was lying on common area.
  • Work was also completed on the stairs.
  • The committee is working with the new company that was hired to cut the grass on the common areas.  The committee has sent another set of maps that pinpoint these areas.  Unfortunately, a different crew comes out each month and the job has not been fully completed.

Architectural Committee:

  • The ACC had been contacted regarding the replacement of the fence behind one home.   The ACC had explained the procedure and gave options for completing the job.
  • A paint request was also received and approved.

 Arborist Committee:

  • The committee met with a tree service and obtained estimates on three separate tracts.
  • All three tracts are WH/NGPA and will require approval from the county PDS.
  • Tree service recommended against the blanket trimming of common area trees.  In many cases, these trees provide  privacy and act as a sound barrier to the homes.   The tree service has received numerous complaints in the past when doing such work.
  • The committee explained that they will need additional volunteers before attempting to contact the 37 homes who are affected my such trees.

Secretary Report:

  • Our current secretary is moving from the area.
  • The vice-president offered to record the minutes for this meeting but reminded the board members that a permanent replacement is needed.

Old Business:

  • Board members discussed updates and corrections to the ACCs.
  • The ACC committee will begin recreating the ACC document.  Once the document is completed, changes and updates can be made.
  • Board members are asked to review the existing document and submit recommendations. 

Review of Action Items: 

  • All board members will review the ACC documents for any changes or omissions.
  • The Arborist Committee will continue to contact homeowner regarding a report of a dead tree.
  • The treasurer will be sending out letters to the homeowners who have been assessed late fees and interest.
  • The treasurer will also contact the HOA lawyer.
  • The Landscape Committee will contact the landscapers regarding the invoices for April and May.
  • The ACC will begin recreating the ACC document.  The fence policy will be included in the new ACC documents.
  • Board members will decide on location for October General Meeting at the next meeting.


Next Meeting: 

  • The next meeting is scheduled for August 15, 2018 at the Mukilteo City Hall.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:13.