October 2015 Board Meeting

Meeting held at Mukilteo City Hall, in the city council chambers.  Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes from August 26th board meeting were submitted.  Once change was noted.  Minutes were approved with this change.

Treasurer distributed the monthly treasurer reports, bank statement, and budget comparison.  Board president inspected the register balances and confirmed that they were the same as the monthly report balances.  Board discussed the members who are passed due.  Late fees and interest are assessed when dues are 30 days past due. Association bylaws allow for a lien to be placed on any home that goes over one year past due.  Costs associated with lien are added to the amount owed. 

Picnic Point Preservation Committee:  The board was informed by the PPPC that the hearing, scheduled for October 14th, has been delayed.  Concern was expressed that any new HOA may not be proactive and may not maintain a quality neighborhood.   Members are encouraged to write to county council members to express their concern about the proposed development.

Architectural Control Committee:  The ACC reported that the parking concerns in Division 1 have been partially resolved.  The county has re-installed the No Parking signs in the cul-de-sacs of Division and Division 4.  However, the sidewalk issues that were reported to the county have yet to be repaired.

Trees:  The PUD has contacted the association asking permission to remove two trees that were deemed dangerous.  Board members also met with association lawyer to discuss the HOAs common areas.  Since most of these areas have been classified as WH/NGPA (Wildlife Habitat/Native Growth Protection Areas) by the county, we must obtain permission from county before any work is initiated.  County will insist on report from licensed arborist.  Board had approved a comprehensive review by an arborist and this was initially scheduled for September 15th.  However, an hour after they were supposed to show, they sent an email stating that the August storms had overwhelmed them and they would have to reschedule.  Two additional meeting requests have been made by the REHOA board, but the company has failed to respond.  Board has decided to seek the services of a new arborist.

Landscaping:  The board has received positive feedback regarding the work of the current landscaping service.  Rather than a pre-scheduled time table, work is being scheduled as needed.  This offers significant cost advantages since work is not being done during non-growing months.  The down-side is that the landscaping committee will need to review status of areas and schedule work in advance.  The brush removal on Tract 993 was also discussed.  While area was cleaned, blackberry bushes have been seen growing back.  Our current landscaper has recommended spraying with an environmentally sensitive product.

Crime watch:  One board member mentioned a “next door neighbor” web service that involves local neighborhoods.  It allows people to post notices of illegal or suspicious activity online.

The 2015 General Meeting was discussed, and board members were polled as to who might be available to service for the 2016 years.  REHOA bylaws state that absence from 3 consecutive meetings can be construed as a resignation by the member from the Board.  Due to the inactivity of two current members, replacements will be needed.  Board reviewed available dates for use of the Mukilteo City Hall, and the November 11th date was selected for the 2015 General Meeting.  A motion was proposed (and seconded) to send postcard notices to all members.  These will be sent this week, to comply with the REHOA Bylaw requiring 20 days’ notice.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

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