November 2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 annual HOA meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. The board president distributed the meeting agenda which was reviewed and approved by the board. The board also approved as written the minutes from the August board meeting.

Member Forum

One member stated that he wanted an update on the status of the large development in the area. Since that is a topic on the agenda, it was agreed that further discussion would be postponed until that portion of the meeting.


  1. Treasurers Report – The Treasurer distributed copies of the November treasurer’s report, the October 2019 bank statement, and the current budget analysis, including the dues payments for 2019, the total expenses for the year, and anticipated activity for the remainder of 2019. Association is also awaiting final invoices from two homeowners who replaced their fences in 2019. The president confirmed the balances on the checking and savings registers are identical to the updated balances on the treasurer’s report. Past due notices were sent out to all homeowners who missed the April 30th deadline. One homeowner who had received an “Intent to Lien” letter submitted payment in full. On November 1, the HOA placed a lien on a second homeowner who has refused to pay their dues. Homeowner had been sent written warnings and failed to respond.
  2. Landscaping Report – Committee ended our contract with last year’s landscaping company, and has re-hired Terrestrial Landscaping. The committee chairperson commented that they were usable to communicate with the previous landscaper, and the contract had the landscaper mowing regardless of the length of the lawn. The committee felt that they were able to make suggestions to the owner of Terrestrial Landscaping, and their directions were followed. Bottom line, the HOA gets more “bang for it’s buck.” As to the sidewalk repair, the landscaping committee chairperson contacted Snohomish County and was told that it was again delayed and that it may be several more months before they could get the sidewalk repaired.
  3. Architectural Control Committee – Three fences were replaced along Picnic Point Road. Four or five homes have yet to replace their fences. However, many of the first fences to be replaced are now fifteen years old. Some of these will come due over the next few years.
  4. Arborist Committee – Committee completed survey on Tract 994, and found several dead trees that need to be replace. The committee has reached out to Snohomish County to obtain permission to reduce these dead trees to snags. At this time, the county has not responded to our request.
  5. Secretary Report – The vice-president is acting as temporary secretary, and has been answering emails as they come in to the HOA account.

Old Business

  1. Website Update – The HOA is attempting to update the HOA website. However, portions of our site are no longer supported by GoDaddy. To eliminate this problem, we may need to create a new platform.
  2. Search for New Board Members – The board has lost some members due to family moves. Currently, the board is still looking for a secretary, as well as representatives from Divisions 1, 3, and 5.
  3. Annual Meeting Notices – Notices were sent out on October 15th, and were received by homeowners on October 28, 2020. This is in compliance with the RCWs requiring 20 days notice. A notice was also posted to the front page of the REHOA website.
  4. Updating the ACC documents – The vice-president is in the process of updating some REHOA documents.
  5. Legal – The association has received hard copies of all the files that our current attorney found in the archives that he had received from our previous attorney. These documents have been copied to the HOA records, and the original hard copies have been place in the HOA files.
  6. Audit – According to the bylaws, the accounts are to be reviewed every year, unless the board elects to postpone the review. The treasurer has contracted with our tax representative to have a review done. However, this requires “hard copies” of the files. The company will not accept digital copies as the may corrupt their computer system.
  7. Stock Letter File – The HOA sends out similar documents every year. Rather than recreate a new document every time, a file of past letters is being created. These existing letters will be used as the basis for any new letters.

New Business

  1. News on housing development – The sewage plans submitted by the developer were reviewed by an outside engineering company. This company found that, due to the topography, the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) that the developer was proposing cannot be used. Based on this report, Alderwood Water and Wastewater has not granted approval of the developer’s plans. To circumvent this and start part of the project, the developer has proposed that that the project be “phased.” The developer has also requested that they be allowed to build homes with three stories rather than the two stories that they had originally proposed.
  2. Damage to Tract 990 – Homeowners have complained about damaged the grass on Tract 990. A homeowner has begun to cut back and kill the lawn in the common area. The vice-president has proposed that the board send the homeowner a letters and direct them to “cease and desist” any activity on the common area.
  3. Dog Scoop Laws – Our landscaper has complained about the amount of dog poop that is being dropped on the common areas. In particular. the entrances of the divisions are prone to be dumping sites. Board members proposed to post signs.
  4. Plans for 2020 – Members discussed things that they would like to see in 2020. These include a wall along the sidewalk in Tract 990, updates to the website, cleaning of sidewalks that are in cul-de-sacs and not maintained.
  5. 2020 Board – A member from Division 4 agreed to be a “member-at-large.” Board is still going to try to recruit a member from Division 1, 3, and 5.

Action Items

  1. Update account ledgers and prepare 2020 budget.
  2. Prepare 2020 dues letters.
  3. Letter to homeowner on Tract 990.
  4. Contact to Snohomish County regarding sidewalk repair.
  5. Contact landscaper about cleaning sidewalk.
  6. Work on the website.

Next Meeting: Budget Meeting – January 9, 2020

Meeting Adjourn: 8:22 p.m.

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