August 2019 Board Meeting

Date: August 15, 2019

Location: Mukilteo City Hall, Community Room

The meeting was called to order by the REHOA board president at 7:02 p.m. The president opened the floor for a homeowner forum. However, no homeowners asked to speak.

The president distributed copies of the meeting agenda. Board members requested items be added to the agenda. The agenda was approved, with additions. Board members had received a copy of the June meeting minutes via email. Minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s report: The treasurer distributed copies of the August Treasurer’s report, the July bank statement, and the 2019 budget comparison. The board president confirmed that the register amounts in the passbooks coincided with the amounts listed in the report. The treasurer also passed around a copy of the dues report, and a copy of the past due list.

Landscaping Committee report: The head of the landscaping committee reported that our landscaper has just completed the annual maintenance on the detention pond. He has also completed the August mowing of the common areas. The committee has directed the landscaper to trim some of the trees that are interfering with the ability of drivers to see up or down Picnic Point Rd. This will be an ongoing project, and will be completed in steps. Board members also suggested that the landscaper be reminded about maintenance to the grass around the stairs. In addition, the committee announced that they planned to have the landscaper perform maintenance on the stairs in time for the start of the school year.

Architectural Control Committee: The head of the ACC has receive several pages of edits on the ACC documents. The documents will be updated and the completed documents will be posted to the Documents section of the REHOA website. Committee also reported that one homeowner is requesting permission to paint their home. They have submitted paperwork with their neighbors signing off on the project. However, the homeowner has not submitted any color samples. The ACC will not approved project until they also receive paint chips of the proposed colors for the house. The committee also received a complaint about debris that had been left on common property after a homeowner completed their fence replacement project. The committee will contact the homeowner and request that the clean up the area.

Arborist Committee: The committee contacted five land survey companies for the purpose of establishing an exact property line to one of the REHOA common areas. After reviewing three bids, the committee signed a contract with one of the low bidders. Work on the project is scheduled to be completed before the end of August.

Old Business

Sidewalk Repairs: The vice-president reported that she had again contacted Snohomish County regarding the repairs to the sidewalk at the entrance to Division 2. Several parents had complained about the safety hazard presented by the damaged sidewalk. They refer to that section of the sidewalk as “the bridge.” Snohomish County officials reported that they planned to have the sidewalk repaired before the start of school.

Website: The acting website administrator had been asked to re-post articles from local newspapers and from the Sno-King Watershed Council regarding the current drive to ban fireworks in all of Snohomish County. Four articles were posted to the News section of our website, and a feature article was place on the homepage.

Past Due Stamp: The Treasurer reported that he had been able to purchase a pre-inked stamp with the words “Past Due”. The board had suggested that this be applied to the Past Due letters being sent out by the association.

Late Notices: The deadline for 2019 REHOA dues was April 30th. Late Notices were sent out on July 5. An email was sent on July to the one homeowner who resides overseas. The mailing resulted in contact from one homeowner who claimed that he had paid his dues on February 15th. The homeowner resent a check and his account is up to date. However, the treasurer noted that this homeowner is using a “bill payer” service through his bank. While he may have instructed his bank to pay the dues in February, there is no means that the homeowner can confirm that the HOA has received it, nor if the check was cashed, nor if his payment was even sent to the correct HOA address. The treasurer proposed that if a homeowner wants a confirmation that his dues have been received, the homeowner should email the HOA email account a week after they have submitted the payment.

Suspicious contacts: The HOA has received multiple suspicious emails. One stated that they were from GoDaddy. However, the email address originated in Russia. We have also received multiple demand statements from an escrow company that is asking for information on homes located in other parts of the state. The board members were cautioned about opening or forwarding suspicious emails.

HOA records: The back-up hard drive held by the vice-president has been update to include all records up to the date of this meeting. A schedule has been created and the records are to be routinely updated in the future.

New Business:

Annual Meeting: The board agreed to schedule the Annual Meeting for the first or second Thursday in November. This is depend on room availability. The board expressed a preference for the city council room since it is cooler. However, if this room is not available, the community room is big enough for our needs. The board approved the cost of mailing out notices. Per HOA bylaws, the notice will need to be sent out in October.

Legal: Board reviewed and approved two legal actions by the REHOA attorney.

New Homeowner Contact: During the past month, Board members had suggested content for a Welcome Letter to be sent to new homeowners. A rough draft was distributed and edits were proposed.

Architectural Controls: Board members have reviewed the current ACC documents and proposed updates to eliminate ambiguous or misleading phrases. These edits will be made to the documents.

Action Items:

ACC documents: President will make edits to the existing documents. Once approved, the documents will be posted to the website and made available to all homeowners.

Annual Meeting: Vice-president will contact Mukilteo City Hall and arrange for a time and date for the Annual Meeting.

Meeting Notices: Once the date for the annual meeting has been finalized, the vice-president will contact the treasurer so that the notices can be printed and mailed to all homeowners.

Landscaping Committee: The committee will contact the HOA landscaper about mowing and maintenance for the rest of the year.

Meeting adjourned: 8:05 p.m.

Next Meeting: 7:00 p.m. on November 14, 2019.

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