June 2019 Board Meeting

Date: June 20, 2019

Location: Mukilteo City Hall, Community Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. The Board President distributed the agenda which was reviewed. The president amended the agenda to include a new fence request. This was added and the agenda was approved. The minutes from the April meeting had been emailed to all board members in April. The minutes were also approved as written.

Homeowner Forum:

  • New homeowners asked about the issues that are facing the association, and about how they could get more involved. The board president outlined the status of the Regatta Estates Homeowner’s Association. Board members pointed to the numerous common areas, green belts, stairs, detention ponds, fences, mail boxes, and landscape areas that the HOA needs to repair and maintain. Board members also discussed the liability insurance that the HOA maintains on these properties, and the fact that the individual homeowner’s insurance does not cover common area properties. Members also discussed the costs and the lack of accountability that was experience during the time with the management company. The board explained that maintenance of our common areas affects our property values. However, based on the number of active members, the board is limited in what they can do. The new homeowners were encouraged to consider joining the board.
  • A second question was posed regarding how the association responds to homes that violate the CC&RS or that need maintenance. Board members explained that members are asked to email the association to formally lodge the complaint. The board would then email the individual homeowner to ask that they correct the situation.
  • A third question was asked regarding the maintenance of the lawns in the common areas. The board president replied that this is the responsibility of the association, but that we recently went through a change in landscaping companies. This will be further discussed in the report from the Landscaping Committee.


  • Treasurer Report – The Treasurer distributed copes of the June treasurer’s report, the May bank statement, and the current budget comparison. The president confirmed that the checking and savings passbook amounts were the same as the amounts on the reports. The treasurer referenced the 2017 HOA dues revenue, the number of homes that have paid, dues revenue recovered from previous years, and the year-to-date status for each expense item in the 2019 REHOA budget. The Treasurer also explained that, while he holds the check book and the savings book, he is not a signer on any of the accounts. Other board members are authorized signers. This policy insures dual control on the HOA accounts, i.e. at least two board members are required for any check to be written.
  • Landscaping Committee Report – The committee had been disappointed by the job being done by the company responsible for mowing the common areas. In May, only a small portion of the lawn areas was mowed and the company was un-responsive to repeated phone calls. As a result, the board voted to terminate the contract. A second company was hired to take over maintenance of the lawns, However, due to existing commitments, they would not be able to start until the middle of June. This resulted in tall grass on the common areas. As of this meeting, the new company has now completed the first mowing. The committee also announced that the new company will be spreading mulch on the landscaped areas and the entrances of each division. On a separate topic, Snohomish County finally contacted the committee to say that the sidewalk at the entrance to division 2 would be repaired this summer. The association has placed over 16 phone calls and emails in order to get this repaired and has been frustrated with the delays. The sidewalk is used by many children on their way to and from the school bus stop.
  • Architectural Control Committee – The committee is in the process of updating the wording in the ACC documents. The committee chairman has converted the existing PDF document to a Word format, and has distributed this to the committee members. They are working to clarify the wording and to remove any ambiguous text. The committee could use additional help in completing this project.
  • Arborist Committee – The committee expressed concern about several dead trees. What is not known is whether these are on HOA property, or if they are on the adjoining property. The committee is researching companies to perform a survey of the property lines. The committee proposed using funds budgeted for the arborist study to cover the cost of a survey. A homeowner asked about planting trees on the common areas. The committee confirmed that this had been allowed in the past but that it was done at homeowner’s expense. In addition, the homeowner would be responsible for the placement of these trees and must insure that they do not damage a common area fence or the fence of a neighbor.

Old Business

  • Updating ACC documents – This is an ongoing project. The president has converted the scanned items into a Word document and will send this out to committee members.
  • Updating signers on HOA accounts – The treasurer has sent out the forms needed to add a new signer and remove a former signer from the list of authorized signers on the association accounts. Once the treasurer has all the completed forms, he will take them to the bank.
  • Late letter – The treasurer distributed a draft of a proposed letter to be sent to all homeowners who have yet to pay their dues. This would confirm that they are delinquent and have been assessed a late fee and interest. In addition, the interest would continue to be assessed every month until paid. The president suggested that the association purchase a “Past Due” stamp. This was approved by the board.
  • Liens – The treasurer had contacted the HOA attorney regarding the placement of liens for non-payment of dues. Our attorney confirmed that, based on our current recording procedures, we could place a lien. Any payments are applied on a FIFO basis, meaning that the most recent payments are applied to the oldest debts. He also discussed the Statue of Limitations. He stated that the HOA is following the correct procedure since we keep accurate records showing when a payment has been made and including all letters sent to the homeowner, informing them of the amount they owe.
  • Website access – The website administrator has created a sign-on and temporary password for the board president. This was done on the day after the last meeting, and the president should now have access.

New Business

  • Fireworks – The association has received a letter from the Commissioner of South County Fire indicating that thy are requesting a temporary ban on sale and lighting of fireworks in un-incorporated areas of South Snohomish County due to the current drought. In addition, the Sno-King Watershed Council sent a document regarding the amount of sulfuric acid being washed into our streams from the residue left behind on our surface street in our neighborhoods. Several other concerns related to fireworks were discussed in the letters. The board discussed this and agreed to post these letters as well as two articles published this week in the Everett Herald. Homeowners can contact their county council representatives with their support or opposition to the proposed ban.
  • HOA Storage drives – The president was given a 1 TB storage drive that contained all the HOA records. The vice-president also has a similar drive. There had been concern that we previously had all our information only on computer hard drive. In the case of a catastrophic loss (such as a fire), all HOA documents could have been lost. The board will develop a schedule for updating these two devices and for keeping them current.
  • Fence Request – Homeowner has requested permission to replace the fence behind their home. Permission was granted, but with restrictions. Homeowner must clean up the area once the project is completed.

Action Items

  • President to complete BECU forms and write a letter regarding removal of former signer from list of authorized signers for HOA accounts.
  • Board members to continue work on updating ACC documents.
  • President to re-send all committee members a copy of the ACCs in Word format.
  • Treasurer to send out late notices to delinquent homeowners.
  • Treasurer to purchase Past Due stamp.
  • Website administrator will post articles on fireworks.
  • Arborist committee will obtain bids from survey companies.

Next meeting – Proposed date: August 8th. (If the meeting room is not available for August 8th, the board will try to schedule meeting for August 15th.)

Adjourned – 8:17 p.m.