Snohomish County Council approves Change to Building Code

The Snohomish County Council held a brief hearing on January 16 and then approved the change to the building code for Snohomish County that will allow developers to build directly on your property line.

Proponents of the change were members of the Master Builders Association. They argued that the two foot buffer was being used by transients and the homeless, and have become a dumping ground for needles from drug users. They also claimed that the two foot buffer dramatically reduced their efforts to build afordable housing for the homeless.

Opponents of the change were members of the Sno-King Watershed Council and supporters of Save the Picnic Point Forest. They argued that building on the property line infringed on the homeowners property rights. This construction could also damage existing trees and plants as well as affect the ground support for fences and walls.

Some of the council members listened to the statements. Other council members appeared to be bored with the proceedings. After the last homeowner spoke, another representative of the building trades spoke to the council, making light of any conflict of interest and refuting the comments of the homeowners.

The county council approved the change in the ordinance by a vote of 4-1. Unfortuantely, the voter and taxpayer concerns fell on deaf ears. There was no discussion. It was apparent that the council members had made up their minds before the hearing. ed0 \lsd

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