August 2017 Board Meeting

Date:  August 16, 2017

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by the Board president.  The meeting agenda was reviewed and approved as written by the board.  The meeting minutes from the June board meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

Member Forum:  No homeowners asked to speak.



Treasurer’s Report

  • Copies of the August Treasurer’s report, the July bank statement, and the budget comparison were distributed to all board members.
  • The board vice-president verified that the checkbook and savings book balances matched the totals listed in the treasurer’s report.
  • Treasurer discussed the increased work load associated with the reception of partial payments.  He suggested that future dues notices include text stating that the annual HOA payment is due upon receipt of the yearly notice, and that late fees and interest  would be assessed on all payments not received by the due date.  Another board member asked if the board would look into online payments options or direct deposit options.
  • Treasurer also noted that the county assessor’s site is used as the source for mailing addresses for absentee owners.  However, one of our absentee owners had their address listed in Seattle, and then they registered a new address in Tacoma.  When their payment was received, the homeowner requested that their address be updated to one in Virginia.  While annual dues notices include a form for updating the owner’s address, we often are not informed of the changes.  It is the owner’s responsibility to let us know when their billing address changes.
  • Board discussed budget expenses for the remainder of the year:  1.  Insurance payment for 2nd half of year;  2.  Tree removal charges;  3.   Landscaping, mowing, and entryway cleanup;  4.  State Incorporation fee (due in December each year);  5.  Mailbox rental fee (due in December each year).

Landscape Committee

  • Committee reported on work performed on the detention pond, mowing, pruning tress in Division 1, brush removal on Tract 993, and removal of several small trees.
  • Landscaper is planning to trim the butterfly tree blocking the entrance to the detention pond.
  • Board discussed the cost savings associated with our current landscaper, especially with our pay-as-you go option.   Board members reflected on future options, should we lose our current landscaper.


Architectural Control Committee

  • Members not present at the current meeting.  Board members discussed the comments from the March meeting with our attorney, and the comments that a HOA needs broad support in order to establish new Rules and Regulations.  At this time, the board is still awaiting input from the ACC.

Arborist Committee

  • Snohomish county has, after eighteen months, finally approved our request to remove trees deemed hazardous in the January, 2016 HOA arborist report.  Committee has contacts with two tree services and will be finalizing contract.  Companies are currently scheduling work about three to four weeks out.  It is hoped that this will allow the work to be completed before the Fall storms hit the area.

Secretary’s Report

  • The HOA secretary was unable to attend the meeting.  However, the vice-president reported that all email contacts with the HOA had been answered.


Old Business

  • Notices on Late Fees and Interest:  Past due notices were sent to all homeowners who are behind in the dues, informing them that a late fee and interest had been assessed to their account.  The notice included a copy of the ledger account for that property.  Since the mailing, five homeowners have paid their dues.
  • Sidewalk repair:  The HOA vice-president reported on her continuing fight with the county to get them to repair the sidewalk in Division 2.  The county has claimed that it may take up to 2 years for this to be corrected.  This delay concerns the board members who pointed out that, not only is this sidewalk the primary path for children going to and from the school bus pickup location, but there is a resident in Division 2 who is confined to a motorized wheel chair.  Members discussed if this falls under the umbrella of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The county records show our requests going back to February of this year.
  • Tree removal:  The sidewalk is damages due to the tree planted by the developer.  Homeowners are complaining about the trees, the leaves that clog the gutters, and the limbs that block the street lights.  It was proposed that the HOA remove these.  Some board members suggested that we had to march into the proper county office in order to get something done.


New Business

  • Annual Meeting Notices:  According to the HOA bylaws, meeting notices have to be received 20 days before the meeting.  State RCWs state that the notices can be sent not less that 14 days nor more that 60 days in advance of a meeting.  The board members discussed the advantages of using a post card format over a letter format for the notices.  The letters are easier since they can be done in a home office.  Post cards require one or two trips to a local print shop, such as Costco Business Center.  Board members agreed that the HOA would continue to use post cards for these announcements, in spite of the extra effort required.
  • Expenses approval:  A motion was made to approve the expenses associated with the printing and the postage associated with sending out the annual meeting notices for our October general meeting.
  • Responses to email and online contacts:  Currently, emails to the HOA website are forwarded to the board members by the vice-president.  An email discussion amongst the board members follows, and a response is agreed upon.  The secretary then responds to the member.  It was suggested that the same policy should be employed for questions that are posed to our Facebook page.
  • Liens:  Discussion on when to place a lien against property owners.  Board members agreed that we need to be uniform as to when this is applied.


Review of Action Items

  • Treasurer will check with banks to see if there are other options for members to pay dues.
  • Arborist Committee will obtain the remaining bids and schedule removal of the trees, per the 2016 arborist report and the approval from the county.
  • Secretary will continue to work with county on the sidewalk issue.
  • Treasurer will get notices for annual meeting printed.
  • President will prepare a list of accomplishments for the October general meeting.


Next Meeting:  September 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., in the Mukilteo City Hall Council Chambers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.



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