June 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  June 8, 2013

Location:  Mukilteo City Hall

Meeting called to order by board president promptly at 9:00 a.m.  Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.  No additions, deletions or edits required.



Treasurer’s Report

  1. Copies of the June treasurer’s report, the May bank statement and the budget analysis statement were distributed, discussed, and questions answered.
  2. Escrow statement regarding home for sale was reviewed.
  3. REHOA dues were reviewed. Reminder letters were discussed, and a final format approved.  Treasurer will prepare letters and mail them.
  4. Board member manuals were distributed.  All board members were asked to review the information they contain and forward suggestions, additions, or deletions.


  1. The board discussed and approved a change to the frequency of entrance and park cleanup, based upon the remaining 2013 budgeted funds.  Our liaison will meet with the landscaper, and discuss a summer and fall cleanup, as well as maintenance to the detention pond area, and the overgrown grassy/sod areas in Division 1.
  2. Areas for brush and tree removal were discussed:  trees in tract 992 below entrance to Division 1, cul-de-sac on 133rd Place in Division 2, tract 990 in Division 2, stairway in Division 4, roots raising sidewalk at school bus stop in Division 4, and tree leaning over roadway above Division 5.  A board member has volunteered tol obtain bids for this work from the tree removal company we have used in the past.

Fencing Issues 

  1. Fence Policy was posted to the REHOA website:  www.regattaestates.comIt was suggested that this document be updated to include directions on submitting requests for fence replacement.
  2. Three fences on Picnic Point Rd have been replaced in 2013.  Work was performed by Superior Fence Co
  3. The treasurer will update the Fence Policy document to include this company as an approved option; wording will be reviewed by the board prior to posting on the website.


  1. Domain name and hosting rights for two years have been procured, and the website shell has been established.  The “Contact Us” link was used by the escrow company to transmit information on a recent sale.
  2. Board members were asked to review the site and suggest additions and improvements.


  1. In order to preserve dual control on our financial accounts, it was proposed and passed (via email) that the association prohibit online banking on all REHOA bank accounts.  This motion was proposed, and passed by unanimous vote.  A document outlining this motion was signed by all REHOA signers.  The Treasurer will take this document and meeting minutes to the bank to update records.
  2. Documentation for adding and removing signers to the REHOA accounts has been added to the REHOA manual.  With the upcoming vacancy of one of our members, we will need to remove her as a signer and add a replacement.   All board members approved this action.


New Members – New members were welcomed to the board as members-at-large.

Assignment of Duties – In the past, many of the REHOA board responsibilities were handled by members who are no longer on the board.  It was suggested that these tasks be reviewed and reassigned:

  1. The current board president announced that her renters have moved, and her home is going on the market soon.  Once sold, she will no longer be on the board.  Per the REHOA Bylaws (Article VI, section H), vacancies on the board can be filled by a two-thirds vote of the board.  The current vice-president was nominated to fill this position.  His nomination was confirmed by a unanimous vote.
  2. The president will be the liaison with the REHOA attorney, Jon Hatch.
  3. The president will send out the agenda before each meeting.
  4. The secretary will record the minutes of the meetings, adding these minutes to the REHOA records, and sending a copy of the minutes to board members for review.  The webmaster will post these on the website.
  5. The secretary will monitor the REHOA email account giving the board updates regarding emails and replies made.  The secretary will forward financial-related questions to the treasurer.  For questions requiring specific answers (not covered by stock responses), the secretary will consult with all board members as the secretary shall not be burdened with responding to questions on their own.
  6. The treasurer will send out notices for annual dues and pick up the mail, including dues payments.  Additional keys to the REHOA mailbox are held by the president and secretary, as a backup.
  7. The treasurer will record all dues payments and make all bank deposits.
  8. The treasurer will make arrangements for meeting room at the Mukilteo City Hall, and will pick up the keycard the day before the meeting.
  9. A member at large will act as the contact person with the REHOA landscaper.  They will receive assistance from other board members, as requested/needed.
  10. Members at large will be voting members at all board meetings and can volunteer for any task, and/or assist other members with their duties.  In this position, a board member will prepare a letter to Snohomish County regarding speeding and safety issues on Picnic Point Rd, to include mention of increased traffic due to the new county park at the wastewater treatment plant.  All board members will review and give any input prior to the letter being sent.
  11.  The board was offered a member’s engineering expertise and knowledge regarding the detention pond and underground vaults issues.

Review of Action Items:

  1. The treasurer will send out reminder notices to homeowner’s who have yet to submit their 2013 REHOA dues.
  2. Letters will also be sent to homeowner’s in violation of boat and trailer restrictions.
  3. Invitations will be sent to two homeowners who indicated interest in the board.
  4. The treasurer will send all board members a status report on the 32 point letter from the Snohomish County regarding Surface Water Management and the maintenance of our detention pads and underground detention vaults.
  5. The president will send the treasurer a copy of her stock response for Fence Requests.
  6. The secretary will contact their neighbor regarding address of homeowner.  Once obtained, the treasurer will re-send 2013 dues letter.
  7. All board members are asked to do a walk-about of the REHOA properties, and note areas of interest for our Five-Year Plan.  Additionally, be ready to suggest other topics of interest that should be covered in this plan.  For example, developing the idea of a “welcome packet” for new REHOA homeowners.
  8. All board members were asked to review options for fence landscaping.
  9. The president will set date for next meeting, and send out the invitation.  This meeting’s focus will be the Five-Year Plan.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.