Damage to Sidewalk

Homeowners have contacted the association about damaged and raised areas of the sidewalks in our neigoborhood.  Concerns have been voiced about the safety posed by these areas.

The HOA has been in contact with Snohomish County regarding these issues, and the association has been assured that the repair of these areas is on their calendar.  However, the county added that there is a significant backlog of repair jobs, and that it would be some time until permanent repairs can be made.  In the meantime, the county did come out and “grind down” the concrete in the problem areas.

If you are concerned about sidewalks in our community, you are encouraged to contact the Snohomish County Department on of Public Works.  It should also be noted that, if the damage is due to a tree on your property, you may be required to remove the tree before permanent repairs can be made.